What is talcum powder good for


Even though talcum powder has taken a back seat over the last decade, it has had a longing effect on almost all of us. It appeared to be a very significant thing, especially in a female's dresser. Talcum powder is formulated by talc, a porous mineral composed mostly of silicon, magnesium, and oxygen elements. It has a myriad of useful properties. It is a substance that absorbs the moisture, which helps eliminate friction, minimizes sweating, cures broken heels, and avoids the spreading of microbial infections.

According to ebaggie.com here are seven things that you didn't know you could do with talcum powder-not low when you know you can pick and do a lot of stuff in a very little purchase.

 #1 - Functions as a Moisture absorbent

Talcum powder acts as a superb source of moisture absorption and reduces friction, reducing sweat and avoiding fungal infections. It renders the skin dry and cures numerous complications linked to the skin. It also tends to prevent heavy sweating. It helps to keep you calm and relaxed. It enables you to get rid of the nasty scent of sweat. Instead, it offers a sweet fragrance. It's a great source of antiperspirant too.

#2 - To set up your makeup

It's quick to end up with a subtle glow in hot weather, even after many hours you put your makeup on. And it indeed helps to make up in the day or night by absorbing and extracting facial oils, giving you a radiant appearance all day. It would be best to blend the talc with a powder or a blusher that you feel a little too dark to soften it.

#3 - As a dry shampoo substitute

The oil absorption qualities of talcum powder enable it to act as a dry shampoo on your scalp. If your hair becomes greasy, spray some of it on the roots and slowly push it into your hair, shaking off the excess. The talcum will blot out excess oil to refresh your hair immediately.

#4 - Treats Bedsores

The provision of a solution to unpleasant and scratchy bedsores is also another significant advantage of the use of talcum powder. It has antimicrobial and moisture-absorbing properties. It can be used to cure an infection caused by lying in a specific position for several days. Applying tends to protect the affected skin dry and safe from moisture. As long as a new start develops sores, clean the skin properly, and add the talcum powder at least two times a day. Dryness stops spreading the virus to other parts of the body. It also provides a relaxed feeling to alleviate the person from feeling a scratching or burning sensation. It can fully cure bed sores and other microbial infections too.

#5 - Prevent chafing

Chafing is created by skin that becomes irritated due to constant rubbing, whether it is against fabric or skin. It usually occurs due to an accumulation of sweat, which can be very uncomfortable—making sure that the chafed area is kept dry by cleaning any fragrance-free loose powder. This eliminates friction and keeps your skin soft and pain-free.

#6 - To freshen up the smelly shoes

In a second, get rid of smelly shoes with the use of talcum powder. Only sprinkle gently talcum powder on the inside of the shoes, let it rest overnight or for a couple of hours, and dust it off. The powder retains all the moisture, sweat, and scent, rendering the shoes new again with a pleasant smell.

#7 - De-sand at the beach 

Make sure to pack talcum powder next to your sunblock and bucket and spoon on your way to the coast. , And after a day of constructing sandcastles with children, pretty sure you'd need it. Talcum powder helps to remove the sweat, oil, and moisture that helps sand stick to you, which means you're never going to be able to clean it off. But talc has magic in it.

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