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What Is The Best cream for burns Over The Counter?


There are many creams for your burns that may be effective for you. Some that you can make a paste out of powder and use it on your burn area. Any burn, be it from exposure to the sun, fire, hot liquid or much else shouldn’t be left alone. Even chemicals and electrical shocks can cause burns. If not treated, it may easily turn into an ugly scar. Or it can transform into a serious infection. Then there are varying degrees of burn designated in numbers which require immediate attention as well. The best thing you can do when your skin is burnt is to apply a good cream for burns that is available over the counter. For more info, visit Bellmed.com.


Neosporin is a well-known burn treatment cream and relief medication. It is sold in powder as well as in the form of cream and gel. This product is antibiotic which means using Neosporin immediately on the burns can prevent bacteria from entering the body and causing infection. It is also analgesic, meaning your pain from the burn will reduce to a significant level. Neosporin ensures that you are left with minimal scarring. It can heal the wound at a faster rate than many burn treatment medications out there. When using this burn treatment cream, you must commit to applying it regularly until the pain is gone or the wound starts to heal naturally. And it works not just for burns but injuries like cuts and scrapes as well. It soaks in well without penetrating deep into the skin. There is no evidence of allergic reaction from Neosporin either, so it is deemed safe to use. Initially, there may be a little stinging sensation, but that will go completely after a few days of application. Since Neosporin is clear, it won’t stain your clothes.

Boiron Calendula First Aid Cream

This is a good cream for burns that can heal the skin at a faster rate. Quite often you will find skin irritation at first, but that will go away sooner or later. Boiron Calendula First Aid Cream can cure sunburns, minor burns, cut and scrapes easily. It is also an effective medication to use for the exfoliating purpose. People with dry skin and eczema sometimes find relief in Boiron Calendula First Aid Cream. The name is derived from Calendula flower commonly known as garden marigold. This flower is known for its healing properties. As for the product itself, Boiron Calendula First Aid Cream is available in the form of cream, gel, and lotion.

Water Jel Burn Jel

Water Jel Burn Jel is another cream for burn treatment that has been consistently ranked as one of the best products for burns in industries and hospitals treating burn patients. It contains a combination of Lidocaine, antiseptic and tea tree oil, blended nicely to form a paste that is easy to apply and effective on the affected area. Additionally, Water Jel Burn Jel is a breathable water-based product that can prevent blisters and alleviate pain. Any relief gained from this cream is also the result of aloe vera added along with the rest of the ingredients. Doctors and nurses in hospitals use this for minor burns as a first aid treatment.

As for which cream to use for your specific burns, our advice is to try whatever sounds good to you. It may help or it may not. Some may help for a short while or it may just be what you are looking for. These creams, however, are only for minor burns that are not life-threatening. Severe burn cases need immediate medical attention.

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