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What is the Best Place to visit in Manama?

If you want to acquire a few things before you reach Manama, then continue reading this article. The Bahrain city Manama is a popular city known for its biggest oil reserves and pearling economy. This city houses some great hotels, malls, and attractive nightlife spots to visit. Have a tour of this place and explore charming souqs, the craft market, and the National Theatre. 

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Bahrain National Museum


The National Museum is the country's most popular attraction and displays an in-depth insight into Bahrain's history. It is housed in an impressive building floating on water, allures huge crowds and has gained many impressions. Visit this museum and explore the artistic, archaeological. The cultural history of the country, exhibiting in nine halls, including Traditional Trades and Crafts, a Hall of Graves, one of Documents and Manuscripts, and many other artworks.


Bahrain National Theatre


Bahrain national theatre is yet another famous spot and the third-largest theatre in the Middle East after the Cairo and Muscat Opera. This theatre is located near the National Museum and exhibits another famous architecture work, a must-watch spot. Knowing the interesting facts related to this theatre and its unique design owning its inauguration, local tradition, the curvaceous interior of the auditorium, and the interwoven aluminum strips in the roof rivaling traditional homes, is symbolic of the sea success owing to the number of seats, 1001. This theatre is a tribute to The Thousand and One Nights.


Qala'at al-Bahrain


Qalaat al-Bahrain is located 4 km from Manama and was originally built by the Portuguese to defend their outposts in the Gulf. Have a tour of this place that houses the Bahrain Fort area, which has been added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site. This fort was once the capital of the ancient Dilmun civilization and stood bystander to Bahrain's role as a commerce center. It would be best to visit this place during the afternoon to explore the artifacts, ruins, and excavation sites.


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Al Fatih Grand Mosque


Al faith Grand Mosque is one of the largest in the world and Bahrain's largest mosque. Renowned for accommodating 7000 worshippers at a time, and is covered by the world's largest fiberglass dome. Watch out for the construction materials bought worldwide, carved by local craftsmen, and are from across the world, including India. Also, explore the mesmerizing fine calligraphy inscriptions on the walls of the mosque. We recommend wearing religiously while visiting this mosque, where shorts are explicitly prohibited.


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Tree of Life


The tree of life is situated on the Jebel Al Dukhan hill, also known as Mountain of Smoke for Arabic, and is named for the haze surrounding it. Bahrain was once the Garden of Eden; however, this tree is all preserved and remains today. This famous tree is nestled in the middle of the desert and has been present here for 400 years now, which has remained the same before. The main source of its water supply is unknown till today. This place doesn't have much to explore here. But you can explore some more caves and this mysterious tree, and climbing up the hill will surely perplex you in return.


Bahrain is the most populated and one of the most spectacular places in the middle east.

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