What is the Best Tool to Monitor Content Changes on a Website?

Best Tool to Monitor Content Changes

It is really important for the business to keep track of them. Especially when they are online businesses. And most importantly when it is a website. Because you cannot control who visits your website. Who views your content? Or what tricks people are using to break the system and many such kinds.

So, it is important to have some tools by your side which will help you keep track of your website. It also helps you monitor changes on your website. In this article, there are discussed a list of 10 best tools that will help you in a great way. Let us see what are these.

1.          DISTILL.IO

Let us start our conversation with the first tool. For people looking for a neat and clean interface with much more enhanced features. Distill.io is the best option for you to go to. It allows user to monitor their favorite web pages. They also get an update whenever something changes on their site.

It includes amazing features like chrome extension, mobile app and also monitoring of private pages such as pdfs. It also allows you the facility to integrate with the Slack. It also allows you to import or export data in any format.

2.          WACHETE

When it comes to monitoring simple web pages or even the entire portals. Wachete comes into action. Its best feature which makes wachete a unique tool out of all is. It allows you to password-protected pages as well. You can also track those pages which require a click or an input. It also lets you monitor pages from different pages.


This tool goes extra miles and beyond when it comes to features. Such as it offers a rest API to access info programmatically. You can also monitor a specific part of a website or subpages within the site.

3.          SKEN.IO

When it comes to monitoring content changes on a website. Sken.io is also a nice option to go for. It allows you to monitor web pages for change and also notifies you whenever a change is made. One of its amazing services is that this tool focuses on mobile app and chrome extension to send you alerts.

Its features include monitoring of a whole web page as well as a specific section. It also includes an advanced time-schedular. Apart from this it also removes annoying elements from monitoring.

4.          ONWEBCHANGE

OnWebPage is also one of the tools which allow you to monitor web pages as simple as you can. If you want to track the exact information, OnWebPage is the best choice for you. One of its amazing features is that it has a public tracker that allows your site visitors to track any page of their choice. It also lets you share the public tracker with your co-worker. Along with this it also has many such features.

5.          CHANGE TOWER

Change Tower is also one tool that is used to monitor content change on a website. It is a cloud-based tool. Easily accessible and also allows you to monitor visual changes. You can track keywords, visual content, and many such changes made on the webpage with this tool. So, using


This article showed some of the best tools to monitor content changes on a website. Monitoring a website is necessary as it helps in understanding the nature of traffic coming on your site as well as helps in tracking your site. Hence, making use of such tools will effectively help in this respect.