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What is The Best Type of Professional Carpet Cleaning?

If you don't want to live with unclean and dirty carpets, you need professional cleaning. After all, carpets are features that bear most footfalls in a day, whether at home or in the office. It is essential to note that dirty flooring, especially carpets are storehouses of allergies and diseases. It would help if you cleaned them at the earliest. The key lies in deploying the best commercial carpet cleaning solutions to get rid of all the uncleanliness.

Here are some of the tested and tried types of professional carpet cleaning processes:

1. Hot water extraction or steam cleaning

It is the most common professional carpet cleaning technique and is also known as steam cleaning. In steam cleaning, hot water at high pressure is used to penetrate carpet fibers, breaking down dirt and bacteria that accumulate within. The hot water is then drained through a vacuum. The cleaning process starts with the applying of a cleaning agent to a particular area. Through the brush, the cleaning agent spreads, breaking up the dirt. Once the cleaning agent does its job, the actual hot water drainage occurs. Steam cleaning can take up to an hour to clean an average house and two hours to dry the carpet. Commercial carpets may take more time.

2. Bonnet or Spin Pad Method

A machine is used to spray detergent on the carpet in this carpet cleaning method. A rotating absorbent pad rotates and stirs the carpet fibers as the soil collects into the pad. If this method is not used properly on cut-pile carpets, it can cause a loss of face piles. This method should be done more often as it is more for surface cleaning and is reasonably quick drying. The good use of this method is in commercial set-ups where they do regular cleaning and need quick drying times.

The cleaning with the bonnet method removes dirt on the carpet's surface, but it can be a disadvantage for deep cleaning. The advantage of bonnet cleaning is that this method is fast and inexpensive. If your carpets are not very dirty or if you need mild carpet cleaning, consider bonnet carpet cleaning as the right solution.

3. Encapsulation Method

In the Foam encapsulation method, synthetic detergent is applied as a base that will crystallize into powder form upon drying. The applied cleaning foam dries and is vacuum cleaned or brushed when the foam dries after cleaning. The loose dirt particles in the carpet fibers will be encapsulated into powder.

As it uses less water during cleaning resulting in shorter drying times than carpet shampooing, the foam encapsulation cleaning technique has overtaken the carpet shampoo technique. For those who advocate using environmentally friendly products, foam encapsulation cleaning is a good choice. The reason is fewer chemical residues are left behind after cleaning.

Due to the limitation of technology, this cleaning method cannot thoroughly clean heavy carpets. However, encapsulation carpet cleaning has shown good cleaning results.

4. Rotary shampoo method

In the rotary shampoo carpet cleaning method, similar chemicals are used as with the encapsulation foam method. The only difference is the rotary floor machine usually has an attached solution tank for the shampoo solution. The diluted solution is fed to the shower feed through a tub and then applied to the carpet through the shower feed.

A round brush on the machine is sweeping the carpet while the shampoo is being applied. This shampoo method uses more moisture. Carpet shampoo also uses special detergents with lots of water. Rotating brushes can rub shampoos into carpeting and help loosen dirt and debris. Until the carpet is clean and free of residue, lots of clean water is used to remove the shampoo.

With proper extraction, carpet shampooing is effective in removing stubborn stains. However, the sticky detergents left behind after shampooing will trap more dust and dirt along the carpet's surface. The rugs may look dirtier after a clean-up.

5. Dry Carpet Cleaning Method

The Carpet dry cleaning method uses a special powder detergent or similar chemicals applied with little water. A special extraction device removes the detergent and trapped dirt and debris as a rotating brush pushes the powder into the fibers.

For offices and busy homes with families who cannot wait for the carpet to dry, this dry carpet cleaning method works well. However, proper ventilation is important as the detergents and chemicals used for dry cleaning carpet can be somewhat intense. For those who have allergies or breathing problems, this carpet cleaning method can be a poor choice.

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