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What is the Best Vacuum Cleaner?

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Finding the best vacuum cleaner is like finding the most beautiful person in the world. It is already impossible to impose on people, even if we believe so, that the Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner is the best vacuum cleaner there is. 

Well, to be bluntly honest about it: we’re afraid the answer to the question about the best vacuum cleaner could disappoint some of you. That is because there is no best vacuum cleaner especially when assessing it via a wide platform of usage contexts.

Each factor and spatial situation exhibit specific needs based on specific times and situations.

But you might ask: how were we able to determine Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner as the best vacuum for us?

We of course had to run several tests, gather user testimonies and information, and collect data from several ranking sites in the world to do that. Apparently, we ended up with the Coredy vacuum cleaner gracing the top mark.

The Coredy vacuum isn’t at all perfect. We know that. It just happened to tick the most boxes on the list. And, that leads to the purpose of this article.

The purpose of this article is not to convince you to buy the Coredy vacuum. Rather, it is our utmost intention to lay down to you the necessary information on what makes the best robot vacuum cleaner.

If you’re with us on this, then let’s begin!


Why Should I Use the Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

The Coredy robot vacuum did not just pop up in the vacuum industry without actually leaving eye-popping impressions to the consumers.

This spectacular robot vacuum is definitely a state-of-the-art force of nature. But it’s not the only one enjoying its accolades. The Roomba robot vacuum for instance, shares with its limelight.

The Coredy brand has in fact, just recently enjoyed this appreciation. Pouring out all the brand improvement to this one product series, the company now features an all-new and upgraded robot vacuum technology.

What benefits does the Coredy robot vacuum cleaner really have to offer to your place?

Continue reading below to find out:

      It shortens cleaning time.

Using the Coredy robot vacuum is effortless. Like robot vacuums, it does not require handling. Meaning, you don’t have to carry and move it around the place. With this robot vacuum around, you can do a lot of things while waiting for the vacuum to complete its job.

      It guarantees to clean and protect all floor types.

The Coredy robot vacuum cleaner is engineered with the best-fitting roller brush quality, suction technology, and overall configuration for all floor types.

Moreover, this particular product has a special capacity to lift dust and coat the floor surface with protective minerals.

It’s not only floors that the vacuum can deep-clean, it’s specialty includes carpets, rugs, mats, etc.

>>(Speaking of mats, do check out the Rubber Cal Elephant Bark Floor Mat to learn another option in protecting your floor.)<<

      It reaches far corners of the area.

Most, if not all, robot vacuum cleaners have slim bodies and short heights that allow them to get inside far-reaching corners.

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The Coredy robot vacuum specifically has a slimmer and swifter body. Just imagine how many corners it can reach.

      It’s automated and convenient.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, this product fulfills the legacy laid by the robot vacuum industry- an automated cleaning technology with more sophistication.

The product in question exceeds this standard by doing cleaning, cooling, and emptying filters by itself.

Meaning, you can leave it cleaning for the next few hours and not worry about it overheating.

      It’s easily stored.

Due to its compact and durable finish, it can be stored without much worries. It’s also proven to not react with changing room temperatures.

The subject of durability is an achievement made by this product because in the past, robot vacuums are highly breakable.

      It maps its cleaning path.

Yes -- you heard it right. This breakthrough product works with a mind on its own. We can say that the manufacturers perfected its ability to memorize areas and at the same time surround its sides with sensors to keep it from bumping into places.

In other words, it knows where it’s going.

So far, no other (not even the Roomba product) has eventually perfected this area of functionality in the robot vacuum.

>>( Check here to find out if the Roomba robot vacuum works on carpet.)<<

  So these are the benefits guaranteed with acquiring the Coredy robot vacuum cleaner.

Now, it’s time to get a handful of pointers for choosing and buying the best robot vacuum cleaner for your needs.

Buying Guide for the Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner

There are certainly so many factors that determine a great robot vacuum cleaner. However, without contextualizing these factors to your situation, they will all be in vain.

Picking a robot vacuum mop combo cleaner because someone from somewhere says this and that about this product does not guarantee satisfaction in the end.

You have to, by all means, determine the best robot vacuum mop combo based on your need. Now, these pointers that we’ll be presenting herein are a mere guide.

We hope for the best that this buying guide could actually get you the best vacuum cleaner.

Battery vis a vis Big House

Good news: battery performance among robot vacuums are more than average. Battery life only becomes a concern when dealing with a really big house. By big house, we mean mansion-size.

Otherwise, a regular house size should not exhaust one battery life’s 150-10 minute performance.

And yes -- we’ve done it. We ran a series of tests on top robot vacuum mop combo cleaners (Coredy included). The result was spectacular. Despite some added technological features, common battery life quality among robot vacuum cleaners is really proven to last for a whole cleaning episode uninterrupted.

Consider that an innate blessing.

Pets in the Home

Do you have pets or kids in the home? Consider this when buying one. Better, look for a robot vacuum product that has high proclivity to managing thick pet furs.

The Coredy vacuum, for instance, is not so well-equipped in this area. You may have to weigh in the likes of  Roomba, iLife, and/or Roborock to level-off.

On the other hand, the Coredy vacuum product is a masterpiece when it comes to durability. Thus, it should work with small kids running around the home and accidently stepping on the robot vacuum.

The weigh-in factor here is that you can still insist on the Coredy vacuum despite pet hair as long as you’d have to be okay with manually cleaning it after every use.

Carpets and Hardwood Floors

The best robot vacuum cleaner should be able to cross between changing surfaces without flinching. Apart from that, it should be able to deep-clean carpets, rugs, etc. the same way that it can deep-clean hardwood floors.

The ability to clean all floor types is a bonus; it isn’t required, but it should be lovely to acquire one with such an advantage.

Continue reading to hear our conclusion…

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The Coredy Robot vacuum cleaner is indeed not the best robot vacuum in the world because nothing is. But based on our collected data, reviews, and tests, we consider it the best robot vacuum on specific standards and/or criteria.

These criteria include:






With these standards considered every time you go looking for a robot vacuum, you’re sure to achieve satisfaction in whatever product you choose.

The main takeaway here is: product values can change over time, but not the expectations of a great robot vacuum mop combo.


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