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What is the Best Way to Learn Cyber Security and Hacking?

Do you know which are the highest-paying IT domains? Yes, you have guessed it right! Cyber security and hacking are the emerging career pathways offering lucrative salaries to employees. Growing cyber-attacks across the globe requires more security professionals to have an in-depth understanding of ethical hacking. Also, as more cyber attacks are likely to surface in the future, the need for cyber security and hacking experts will increase.

Indeed, cyber security and hacking are all the rage these days. So, do you want to pursue a career in the domain? It's the ripest time to start your preparations if that's the case. Luckily, the IT industry is still unsaturated and wants to absorb more cyber professionals in the future. So, quick practices can help you bag a job and grow in your career.

After making your mind regarding preparations, you might be wondering about the best way to learn cyber security and hacking. Don't worry anymore! Below you will find everything that answers your question: self-study or Cyber Security Master Certification? Stay tuned!

Something Regarding the Prerequisites

Before heading to learning cyber security and hacking, you need to prepare yourself with the prerequisites. Like other subjects, these domains have some requirements that you must fulfill to understand the advanced principles. Following are the conditions for you to consider:

  • Foundational Computer Knowledge

Having a basic understanding of computers is essential to begin a cyber security career. You need to be proficient in administering a computer and have an in-depth knowledge of its rudimentary controls.

  • Coding and Scripting Knowledge

A massive chunk of the cyber security and hacking curriculum comprises coding and scripting expertise. So, you need to sharpen your programming skills before beginning your preparations to get the desired job.

  • Computer Networking Fundamentals

Hacking and cyber security require professionals to have a knee-deep understanding of computer networking fundamentals. Knowledge of various protocols and models is a must-have before proceeding further.

  • Data Structures and Algorithms

Candidates having a thorough knowledge of data structures and algorithms have better chances of understanding advanced hacking and cyber security concepts. So, begin by leveling your DSA knowledge initially.

  • Understanding of Linux

During the learning and professional phases, you will encounter the Linux environment at various levels. Cyber security and ethical hacking are highly dependent on Linux. So, grasping fundamental Linux knowledge will kickstart your journey.

Learning Cyber Security and Hacking - What are the Skills Required?

Understanding the outcome can help you in determining the best learning pathway for yourself. You need to know the skills required to become a cyber security professional or hacker and prepare accordingly. So, here is a detailed list of skills that you need to win over.

  • Problem Solving

You need to develop a knack for problem-solving when getting trained in cyber security and hacking domains.

  • Technical Proficiency

Cyber security and ethical hacking involve a myriad of technical concepts. So, you need to master them and gain enough hands-on experience to become a professional.

  • Computer Networking

Although computer networking is a prerequisite to learning cyber security and hacking, you need to know its advanced concepts during the training.

  • Advanced Programming

Programming lies at the core of ethical hacking and cyber security. You need to develop advanced coding skills to become a professional in no time.

  • Linux Skills

Linux is another requirement to acing cyber security principles. Getting deeper into the OS and becoming an expert will help you dramatically.

  • Foundational Hardware Knowledge

Ethical hacking and cyber security are much beyond software knowledge, and it extends to hardware understanding too. So, developing relevant skills can help you quickly become an expert.

  • Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is essential from the ethical hacking perspective. It would help if you researched the subject or enrolled in a relevant course for a comprehensive understanding.

  • Cryptography

Cryptography is yet another requirement for ethical hacking. Understanding the concepts and learning through various case studies can make you proficient in cryptography and encryption.

  • Database

Database lies at the core of ethical hacking and cyber security. Despite being an elementary subject, you need to master Database Management System (DBMS) to get a good hold of the domain. 

What is the Best Way to Learn Cyber Security and Hacking?

You have sufficient knowledge of prerequisites and skills to develop to learn cyber security and ethical hacking to the core. Now, let's find the best way to learn these advanced subjects.


The conventional way to learn ethical hacking and cyber security is through self-study. Although it might be a bit stressful and confusing, many people prefer the method to build confidence on the subject.

The internet is overwhelming with relevant resources to help you understand the core concepts. Besides, you can find several industry-aligned books authored by industry experts to study the principles in detail.

Online Tutorials'

Video and textual tutorials can be an excellent way to grasp the subject in almost no time. These guided sessions require less brainstorming in finding out what to study and learn from a massive syllabus. 

Another advantage of such tutorials is that you can learn complex concepts at your pace. Since industry experts curate such sessions, they are highly intriguing and simplify complex principles for best outcomes. Indeed, these are a must-try if you are seeking professional guidance regarding the curriculum.

Certification Courses

Undoubtedly, cyber security and hacking tutorials are fun. But, you might not get industry acceptance through such modules. Despite gaining knowledge and hands-on exposure, your learning remains incomplete without achieving a relevant certification, especially when considering job opportunities.

Employers appreciate an industry-recognized certificate attached to your resume, and they prefer validated proof of your efforts and edge over such applicants from others. Besides certification, such courses provide you with a comprehensive syllabus, expert instructors, and one-to-one interaction sessions.

The choice is ultimately yours! You can either study by yourself, enroll in an online tutorial or get a certification course. Hurry and make the best decision to grab all the opportunities swiftly.

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