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What is the Best Way to Remove Skin Moles Without Surgery or Laser Treatment

A skin mole is categorized under the collective term of Benign Skin Lesion which includes freckle, skin tag, lentigines and seborrheic keratosis. Generally, skin mole is a very common condition and usually does not cause any health complications. However, some individuals may have moles growing in body parts that make them feel self-aware and uncomfortable due to constant friction with clothing. Some even may find their moles start to have drastic changes, which may indicate cancerous skin condition known as melanoma. In such conditions, individuals can consider removing the skin moles, otherwise, the best thing to do is to leave it alone if it does not bother you.

The usual way of moles removal in Kuala Lumpur is by surgery or laser treatment. These treatments always come with a certain price which is not affordable for each individual. Thus, many would resort in seeking home remedies to remove skin moles. However, these home remedies are not well-approved and some may even lead to skin injuries or infections when they are not done properly. At many times, we are told by the elderly that to make a skin mole disappear, just crush a clove of garlic and apply on the mole daily. It is said that garlic contains enzymes that can dissolve the clusters of skin cells and melanocytes which form the moles. This can lead to a burning sensation on the application site and you may burn the adjacent normal skin if you are not cautious while applying. To date, there is no proper research or outcome that can prove the efficacy of the garlic on skin mole removal.

Another method that claims to have great success in removing skin moles is using tea tree oil. Although there is limited data suggesting the efficacy of tea tree oil in mole removal, users’ testimonies are generally positive. If it does not remove the mole, it will decrease the pigmentation of the mole, making it less obvious. Moles do not extend deep into the skin, so manufacturers claimed that this harmless tea tree oil is able to dry the mole out and eventually falls off itself. Apart from these, there are also home remedies using castor oil and baking soda, oregano oil, iodine, lemon juice, aloe vera or coconut oil to treat this skin lesion. Nonetheless, none of the above home remedies is proven effective and users should be cautious while using them as side effects may arise.

Recently, there is a verified minimally invasive procedure that has been introduced to treat benign skin lesions such as moles, warts and seborrheic keratosis. It is known as cryotherapy, which is also called as “freezing” by most of the people. This procedure requires the use of liquid nitrogen to freeze the lesions. Liquid nitrogen is able to reach a temperature of -195 degree Celcius and destroys the target tissues. This treatment is more suitable to be used in relatively larger moles and it may cause blistering on application sites. The pro for this treatment is that it will be conducted by a certified dermatologist and you are always under the safe hand of professionals.

Regardless of which remedies or treatments you choose, it is always wise to learn more about the safety precautions and complications. The best way is still to let a dermatologist check on your moles so that skin cancer such as melanoma can be excluded before you remove the skin lesions yourself. It is very dangerous if melanoma gets undetected because it may be spread widely throughout the body which may be fatal.

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