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What is the Best Website to Unlock your Samsung S20?


The benefits that come from having your Samsung S20 unlocked are insurmountable, such as switching to a lower cost overall; and being able to travel abroad with your phone. There is one major difference between a locked and unlocked one; that being the price you would receive if you recycle it.

Reasons to Unlock Your Samsung

There are many benefits to unlocking your phone.

     Being able to switch SIM cards freely.

     Traveling abroad becomes simpler in that, you can switch your SIM for a cheaper local option.

     Unlocked cell phones are worth more money when recycled.

Is my Samsung S20 Unlocked?

The best way to know if your Samsung S20 has been unlocked is by switching out the SIM card. If your phone won’t boot up by way of the new SIM, then you know it is still locked. 

Is Unlocking My Samsung S20 Legal?

Until a recent change within the US, unlocking your phone was considered illegal. Recent legislation, however, has made it where consumers are now allowed to unlock their phones through personal carrier providers and through cell phone unlock services.

Online cell phone unlockers provide a service to consumers who may not be able to unlock their phone through a network carrier.

Why Does My Phone Come Locked?

2014 was the year of liberation for consumers and cell providers as a law was passed allowing the unlocking of phones when a contract has run its course. However, the consumer has to request this service when his or her contract has come to an end. 

Going through your carrier may not always be the quickest way from point A to point B however. Oftentimes you have to prove that you are the original carrier of the phone and have access to the full account that the phone has been registered to.

This is not always the case for some individuals. For example; if you've had the phone throughout school but were on your parents plan and now plan on traveling abroad to further your education, you will need your parents to grant you access to the account overall; or have them unlock your phone for your travel.

What You Need to Get Your Samsung S20 Unlocked

Four pieces of information will be needed to unlock your phone:





Your IMEI number is a series of 15 numbers that identify your phone. In order to find this out; you will type *#06# into the keypad of your cell phone. If this doesn't work; you can find your IMEI on the box your phone came in or on the back of your phone itself.

How much does it cost?

The cost of having your cell phone unlocked depends on several factors. It depends on the type of phone you have, the network provider, and the method you use to unlock your phone.

In order to find out a price, you can either speak to your provider or try an unlock service such as

How Do I Get My Samsung s20 Unlocked?

The first step is to speak to your network carrier (eg. Verizon, T-mobile, etc) who will oftentimes offer the cheapest method when it comes to unlocking your phone. Keep in mind this is also the more difficult route. Networks naturally do not want to lose you as a customer. That’s why they typically make the process of unlocking your phone harder than it needs to be. 

Alternatively, you can get your Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus unlocked at

Whichever route you choose to use, you’ll need an unlock code to complete the process. Providers like CellUnlocker make it super easy to get one. Once you have requested the code, it’s sent to you via email. You will then enter this code into your cell phone and will now have an unlocked cell phone at your use. 

This will allow your phone to accept any other SIM that you may want to use during your travels or because it has other information on it as long as it is from a compatible provider.

What Can an Unlock Service Provide Me?

A service like has several methods available such as network unlocking services and software services that are beneficial to the consumer and come at a reasonable price.  Once you enter a code into your cell phone; you will never have to enter it again as it will be perpetually unlocked. They are one of the few cell phone unlocking services that provide a reasonable cost when it comes to having your Samsung S20 unlocked in a timely and effective fashion on a tight budget. 


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