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What is the Dark Web?

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Dark Web is a part of www but not accessible by a Surface level search engine (Google, Yahoo). Dark Web is a place where you get all kinds of small to big details of enterprises, different credit card numbers, Hacked accounts, drug deals.


Anyone can browse anonymously on the dark web with help of some external software but having a little bit of knowledge about the dark web helps you to prevent from hack your own account and also save your system from highly infected viruses.


Dark Web is mainly created by the US government to exchange their data and information anonymously without revealing their real identity.

Is the Dark Web Illegal

No Dark web is not illegal if you only browse the dark web.


Never download or click on any link that you get on the dark web during browsing because that may lead you to any illegal sites.


There is not any proper name on the link and the link name is unreadable and having an extension like .onion so make a distance from these kinds of link on the dark web.


But before going into the dark web you should at least follow these steps that prevent you from involving some illegal activities.

  • Cover your webcam and turn off all the recording devices.
  • Use a good VPN service. Never use your static IP address for visiting the dark web.
  • Never buy anything from there like drugs, hacked account because you may be traceable.
  • Never download any files from the dark web to your PC. Your PC may be infected with viruses.
  • Never open deep web and normal page simultaneously if you want to maintain your anonymity.
  • Don’t do any kind of payment on the dark web because your card details may be stolen from there. 
  • Never say any bad thing in the forum of the dark web some hackers take it personally and try to hack your system.


According to LEGAL VISIOn, only 4% of the web is for browsing or accessible by search engine remainiing 96% is dark web. It is 500 times larger than normal webpages indexed by a search engine.

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Advantages of Using Dark Web


You can browse on the dark web with anonymity means your identity is hidden from all the users and you can easily share your information and data without worrying about revealing your identity.


Deep Search

There are three types of searches on the internet and Deep Search is one of them. Search engines like google, yahoo, and bing only gives the surface level information but if you want more accurate and more depth data about that subject then you have to visit Dark Web. 



As you know that Dark Web has a lot of information it is like a virtual library ocean so you can now imagine why it is more important for researchers and knowledge seekers. There you get a lot of information that’s not available on the surface level of the internet.

Deep Web Links

Deep Web links are those links that not indexed by normal search engines like google, yahoo, and bing.

You get these links in deep web and the name on each link is not readable form and having an extension .onion and also known as onion links.


There are millions of people every day trying to visit the dark web for legal and illegal both purposes.


Visiting dark web without safety could be dangerous always use the tor browser and best VPN to visit the dark web. Check out this blog to get more details about deep web link. 

Deep Web Browsers

You can’t visit deep web using surface-level browsers like Chrome or Firefox. You need external software or browsers to visit the deep web.

There are multiple deep web browsers available but choosing the best one which gives you 100% anonymity and you can surf the internet without any fear.

#1. The Tor Browser

The tor browser is a web browser that helps you to surf the deep web without losing your anonymity. The tor browser uses the tor network to make you anonymous. The Tor browser is an open-source browser that available for Windows, Mac and for android mobile.


The tor browser is very secure because it moving your traffic on different tor network and encrypt all the traffic so you can remain anonymous for all.

#2. Waterfox

Waterfox as the name shows it kinda similar to firefox right. Yes, this is a part of Mozilla but it especially uses for deep web search.


It deletes your history, cookies from your system after each session and also turns off the tracker that used by any of the websites.


Waterfox available for both Windows OS and Android.

#3. Whonix

Whonix is another popular deep web browser using the same source code used by tor so you can now imagine the level of security.


Whonix is lightweight and fast and here you can set your own tor network and using proxy you will 100% secure and anonymous. 


You can run a whonix browser on a virtual machine also. There is more feature available for whonix that you can read by going through its official website.


#4. Opera

Opera browser you just have to change the setting and connect with tor network to access the deep web. 


One of the best features about opera is that in recent version opera is now coming with their inbuilt VPN so you don’t need any extra money for buying a VPN.


Opera is a lightweight and fast web browser.


#5. Subgraph OS

Subgraph OS is using the same source code used by Tor browser and gives you malware free surfing experience.


Subgraph Os is built with multiple layers and using Tor networks to provide you anonymity.



Dark Web is neither right nor wrong it gives you access to large virtual data that is not easily available on the surface level of the internet. 


Among all these different Deep web browsers the tor browser is best and very secure in comparison to others. 


It uses the tor network for moving traffic and encrypts all the data so you can surf without worrying about anonymity.

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