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What is the difference between Medical Spa and Regular Spa?

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On certain occasions, going to a spa is an excellent option. It is the best place to distress yourself and also rejuvenate your skin, mind, and body. But for many individuals, the difference between a regular or day spa and a Medical Spa Honolulu is pretty ambiguous. Although both the spas might seem the same, their service providers and treatments differ from each other. But under a med or medical spa, you will get many medical treatments for serious issues, such as hyperpigmentation, sun damage, cellulite, and many more. 


Medical Spa vs. Regular Spa: The difference!

There is a massive difference between the day spa and the medical spa. Look below. 

Medical Spa: The medical spa provides cosmetic and non-surgical medical treatments to help in rejuvenating the damaged skin. The medical spas take the help of innovative and cosmetic technologies. It will treat a multitude of medical conditions. The treatment is provided with a peaceful and calm environment. Also, just because the medical spa offers medical treatments doesn't mean it's a doctor's office. The MD or Medical Director is responsible for providing non-surgical medical treatments at the spa, and many of the MDs carries a Ph.D. in Biochemistry.

Day or Regular Spa: The day spas are regular or traditional spas, where people go. The day provides treatments that help in improving health, relaxation, and beauty. Some of the standard services you will get at a day spa are pedicures, facials, wax treatments, massages, mud wraps, and aromatherapy. The day spa does not fall under the supervision of the medical doctors. The treatments are also not provided by medically trained professionals. 


Treatments you will get at the medical spa.

The medical spa has a list of medical treatments, which are painless, safe, and non-surgical. Given below are some of the most popular ones.

Medical Grade Facials: The medical spas will provide you their customized selection of items created according to the latest scientific research. To provide medical-grade facials, the professionals use products made from the highest quality standards and ingredients. All the items used are dermatological, and many of them are also clinically tested. The med spa takes numerous things into their consideration before they provide their skincare regime to the customers.

Skin Lightening: The skin lightening treatment is based on retinol and hydroquinone. This treatment will address the conditions of pigmentations, melanin imperfections, and dark spots. It will treat melasma and blemishes. With the help of this treatment, you can boost the luminosity and texture of your skin.


Treatments you will find under a day spa.

The regular or day spa also provides some of the best treatments. These treatments will provide you with relaxation and improve your overall health. The treatments are:

Body Treatments: The regular spas will provide you many treatments that are ideal for your entire body. Some of the treatments you will receive are aqua therapy, body scrubs, and Vichy showers. The aqua therapy will hydrate your skin, and body scrubs remove dead skin cells and make your body smooth. Lastly, Vichy showers promote circulation and skin hydration.

Specialty Massages: Under the specialty massages, hot stone massages, and hard-to-find specialties like watsu. Watsu takes place within the water, and it needs a unique pool for it. You also get lava shell massages, shiatsu, health spa Staffordshire, and Lomi-Lomi. There are many other types of special massages available at the day spa that are seasonal.


Ending Note!

Both the day and medical spas are ideal for you and your overall health. Both the spas will provide you high-quality services in their ways. Each of them has their benefits, and are provided by skilled individuals and therapists. Some of the med and regular spas also offer additional services, and the day spas will provide you with seasonal discounts and offers. Both the resorts are excellent, and you can choose to go to the one according to your needs and wants.

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