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What is The Difference Between Private and Group Yoga Classes?


Yoga has become a common topic now as it is a matter of health and fitness. It is a part of either early morning routine or an evening route sparing one hour time for both the schedules. It can be a bit difficult to figure out the difference between private and group yoga classes. Both are authentic and beneficial but people still get confused about the difference between private and group yoga classes.

Private yoga classes focuses on a single person. A person who lacks a group understanding or feel free to learn alone in the presence of a trainer. Some people find it suitable to call their personal teacher at home or go to their school to be taught personally. In group yoga classes there is a community that is created and all of them are trained under the guidance of a teacher. These two kinds of practices make it different from each other. So, there is definitely a difference between these two types of yoga sessions which are not so deep and elaborated below:

Private Yoga Classes:

Private Yoga Classes 1

  1. You can come up with your personal goalsthat can give a long-lasting impact on your health.
  2. According to the learner, the speed of learner enhances more individually rather than being in a group.
  3. Special attention is paid to the learner in private classes as there is no other student whom the trainer has to deal with. He invests most of his energy at one go and the learner is free to learn from him and raise as many questions as possible.
  4. You can call a trainer from a school or arrange a separate sessionfor yourself under the training of a specific trainer.
  5. If you have some health-related issues then you can discuss that with your personal trainer. He can emphasize a particular set of exercises that may suit you.
  6. It is easy for you to decide your own schedule. If you need temporary off than it can be easily granted because no one is getting disturbed here because of you.
  7. Knowledge of theory along with the practical training becomes clearer to be trusted later on.

Group Yoga Classes:

Group Yoga Classes 1

There are many schools that are offered group classes with proper validity and certification approved by the Yoga Alliance. A few among them are Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand and Yoga teacher training in Chiang Mai.

  1. The main aim is to build a strong relationship between a learner and practitioners and to create new practitioners who are well-versed in their art and performance. This becomes a journey towards self-discovery and promoting yoga.
  2. The Group classes are mostly conducted in the places which are rich in natural resources, promotes peace, delivers precious smiles through Yoga sessions and environments like Thailand and the land of mountains and hill tribes, Chiang Mai are blessings.
  3. Group learning is an interactive process. It creates a community of the learners and the practitioners. Interaction creates more knowledge and knowledge delivers qualities. Yogic qualities can be retained for the life time.
  4. Everyone is a teacher and trainer to each other. What you can see is the thing you can reap. There are many learners in a group who can act as an inspiration for you and their journey can inspire you a lot. 
  5. Combined energy is unbeatable and if a group assembles at a place to practice good habits then it becomes an added advantage of yoga teacher training. It can yield another level of energy individual because an individual possesses all the knowledge and energy than he had acquired from group learning. Group classes are a driving factor for these reasons:
  1. Meeting up new people and creating accomplice.

2. There is a lot to share with each other.

3. First-hand experience of yoga in the presence of a teacher and the supporters.

One should not judge on the basis of the type of classes been conducted. More than 50% depends on learners as well that how keen are they to lead their life in the practice of Yoga.

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