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What is the full form of the word "OK

All over the world “OK” is one of the most widely accepted word. Many emotions and meanings have been attached to the word OK however not everyone knows it’s exact abbreviation. A funny way of portraying “Oll korrect”, a slang word which stands for “all correct” is the abbreviation of the term OK. The term has a history where the funny slangs were promoted for some commonly used word. Since then the word has been popularized as OK. Ok is also written in many other ways such as okay, OK, and O.K. by some people.

Another popular meaning of “OK” tossed among the groups of people which has been popularised is “Objection Killed”. This refers to the end of any further context to a particular situation leading to nil objection.

The ok full form is also believed to be of Greek origin where OK stands for “olla Kalla” which again means “all correct”.

Meanings associated

This word depicts agreement to a situation, acceptance of a conversation or approval of certain situations. It shows a positive approach to a scenario. In the sign language or non- verbal talk, ok word is used to depict sentences like “ I am Fine”.

Many languages other than English like Arabic, Greek, German, French etc have also adopted OK open-heartedly as a key word. To express similar kind of Meanings and emotions worldwide OK has been widely promoted. A study has also represented OK to be one of the most extensively used words on this planet. This explains the importance of the given word.

 OK as a word is such a versatile figure that it can cover various emotions altogether. When compiled with a different set of tones and emotions the same word can mean altogether a different thing. For example, an individual can show the agreement towards any scenario by saying “ okay, sure” or any questions can be asked like “ are you okay?”. Manners can also be depicted in certain ways such as “Is it okay if I take a seat beside you?”. The word can, therefore, be considered as of extreme literal value.

Computer usage

In the computer language, the term descripted as OK in itself is accepted for many purposes. Error messages in a computer system are shown by the term Ok. Also, to accept the contents that are visible on the users screen, ok is used and accepted by computer systems via a modal dialogue Box in a computer. The computer based languages such as Java, C, C++,  are also known to have the modal language that uses OK word as their default button in case there is an only single option given to the user on the screen. The word when used in a computer is written in upper case as “OK” and never as “ okay, ok or O.K.”

The HTML approach also understands OK term quite well. The famous HTML approach uses the OK term for any kind of successful response. Not only that, but the initiation of an HTML server is also done by the term OK. “Okay” has a famous gesture that can be made by the hand. It makes the non- verbal communication easier and acts like a pillar for deaf people’s understanding of the term.

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