What is the Importance of O-Rings


O-Rings are one of the most common types of seal design used in various machines because of it reliable, easy to make and inexpensive feature. They are mainly used for the purpose of providing tight seal against any type of leakage whether solid, liquid or gaseous. Because of their simplicity they are used in various manufacturing components especially in automotive and aerospace components. Though its design has remains more or less the same but with time it now is made of high tech material to provide tight seal so that there are no leakages that can affect the functionality of the machines. The manufacturing process of o ring seal is not challenging one and it depends upon certain factors such as pressure compatibility, quality, lubrication requirement, environment etc. It is vital to get these from the reliable o-rings manufacturers so that one is sure of the quality they are getting.

The application of o ring is of two type i.e., static o ring seal and dynamic o ring seal. A seal is known as static o ring real when the surfaces that compress o ring seal are stationary. The static o ring seal are the oldest form of o ring and have higher operational and durability when compared with the dynamic o ring seal. Under dynamic o ring seal one of surface is moving in regard to other surface and hence the term dynamic. The application of o ring seal under the dynamic one becomes bit more challenging and difficult. The material used for this o ring seal need to be strong and of a very high quality otherwise it will easy wear down thus causing impact on the functionality of the o ring seal. Both the types of o rings required some degree of lubrication, but the lubrication demand is higher in case of dynamic o ring seal.

There are various benefits of using of o ring seal. Some of these benefits are mentioned as below:

  • No entry of foreign particles: O ring seals the spaces tightly so that there is entry of any particles in the required space, thus it works as glue. By making sure that no foreign particles enter, thus leading to no contamination or any kind of reactions.
  • Reduces non lubricity: In case of precision bearing, the o ring ensures that the areas are properly sealed for the purpose of reducing non lubricity. In case there is some sort of non-lubricated contact then it might result into replacing them very quickly which will ultimately add to the overall cost.
  • Easy assembling: Another great benefit of using o ring seal is that one does no required expert knowledge to assemble these. The whole process is very straightforward requiring no technical and advanced knowledge. One just needs to be ensuring that all the things in their place and seals are tightened properly so that there is no chance of any leakage.
  • Works in Extreme Conditions: They are known to work in extreme conditions and thus give an edge over other type of seals.

Thus, these are some of the benefits of o rings and must get these from o-rings manufacturers to avail the benefits.

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