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What is the Importance of PAN Card for NRI?

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All of us are aware of what a PAN card is and why it is used. However, many people are confused if NRIs need a PAN card and what importance does it hold for an NRI as they don’t live in India. PAN card is directly linked with the financial transactions of an individual, and it is one of the most important documents issued by the Department of Income Tax in our country. The card is linked with all the financial transactions for avoiding tax evasion, which is a common practice by people.

Need for PAN Card

The main use of PAN Card is for filling the income tax return. It is compulsory for every taxpayer to have a PAN Card, who wishes to file an income tax return. This includes foreign citizens and NRIs as well. PAN Card for NRI is essential if they earn taxable income in India. It is also required if you want to open a demat account. You don’t need a PAN Card to apply for Aadhaar card, but you certainly need to link your PAN Card with the Aaadhaar card if non-resident Indian wishes to file their income tax return.

Pan Card for NRI
Pan Card for NRI

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Apart from matters related to taxation and finances, they also offer legal assistance on Property Rights of Women in India. There has been a lot of debate and discussion around it as women have been deprived of their rights for the longest time in India. Thus, new amendments have brought a positive change which has benefitted women a lot.

Women now legally have equal right, and at times, more right on the property in various facets. It can be matrimonial rights, parental property rights, or right against crime. Women have the right to live in the household of her spouse or shared household. She can also acquire her separate property given to her during the wedding by her parents, family, friends, or relatives.

The government is also taking measures to protect the rights of women who are abandoned by NRIs after the wedding. The government wishes to redress the matters related to abusive NRI marriages and make changes in the law against people living on foreign land. In the past few years, Maharashtra had recorded several such instances where wives were abandoned or deserted by their NRI husbands. Such cases are common in states like Punjab, and Tamil Nadu as well.

The Maharashtra State Commission has taken initiatives for resolving the issues and has also started a helpline and special cells for women. Apart from this, even daughters have equal rights at son in their ancestral property. She can now claim her equal share in her father’s property. Whether the daughter is married or unmarried, she has right on ancestral property.

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