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What is the Importance of SEO in Digital Marketing?

Best practices of SEO are necessary for your business to get ahead. Search engine optimization ensures that your business is reachable by the customers. Without SEO, customers won’t be able to find your business regardless of how good it is. If you have solely invested in digital marketing, SEO is the Holy grail.

There are other SEO benefits as well. For example, traffic to your website will only be organic which means you will have a better idea of how your business is perceived by the customers and what are the things you need to change. Customers who come to your place by organic means are the ones who will buy from you. Almost seventy per cent of sales rely on SEO. Keep on reading to find out more about how SEO is extremely important for digital marketing.

The world of digital marketing can seem overwhelming, but once you know the basic strategies and how to implement them, it’s much easier than you think.

An Important Digital Channel

SEO is a channel that drives organic traffic. Think about it, which will be more beneficial for your business? Twenty per cent paid searches or ten per cent organic searches? Chances are that organics searches are more likely to convert into sales. If digital marketing is your primary strategy, you should also try investing more in building an SEO team.

People will often avoid ads and other passive ways that businesses use to engage with them. With a strong SEO strategy, the interested audience will move straight to the organic content and arrive on your website. That is one way to not lose thousands of potential customers.

Brand Reputation

It is the psychology of people to only buy from those brands which are popular. But how do customers decide which brands are popular? The answer is Google. Google is still the most used search engine by the majority of people. Whatever result comes first; the customers are likely to click on that. Appearing top on Google searches also means that people will naturally think that your brand is trustable. This increases your brand image and reputation organically. Statistics show that companies who appear more in Google searches are much more respected and trusted by the customers than those who don’t.


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Google keeps on updating its algorithm to increase the quality of searches. This means that only relevant and quality stuff will appear on the top. Once your website is set up correctly, Google will drive in customers that are interested in your niche.

Get Ahead in Local Searches

Online competition is as tough as in the local market. Local businesses can be often pinned down by other companies. This is the same with SEO. With so many brands struggling to compete against each other, it is difficult in getting ahead without implementing sound SEO strategies.

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Without an SEO strategy, it will be difficult to reach out to the relevant people. Tools like Google my business are extremely useful. It is always a good idea to mention your business address and a little description of what you do. That helps to keep your website ahead in the searches. It is always better to hire professional SEO services.



Zachary Walker is an award winning digital marketing and adwords specialist. He has 8+ years’ experience optimising Digital Marketing Campaigns. His popular Digital Marketing Plan & Social Media Plan templates downloaded by thousands. Zachary Walker travels the world while teaching digital marketing.
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