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What is the need of hospital sanitization | Germ Shield for Hospitals

For hospitals, it’s imperative to keep the environment clean and sanitized. Mere dusting and mopping do not work in hospitals that are constantly receiving patients with different diseases. Keeping a check on the pathogens with proper sanitization ensures that contagious diseases do not spread unhindered. If this matter is not taken seriously, things go out of control soon. If hospitals are not sanitized scientifically, they are doing more harm to patients and visitors. As such, hospital disinfection should be the primary concern of a hospital authority.


Hospital sanitization services must understand hospital requirements

Not all hospitals and clinics look alike, nor their work procedures are the same. It’s important when deciding which sanitization services, you are going to use to select the company that is experienced in this genre and could accomplish the job thoroughly. There is no area in a hospital that does not require deep cleaning and sanitization. In fact, the most overlooked areas are the riskiest zones providing an all-favourable environment for the unhindered growth of pathogens. Top hospital and clinic sanitizationservices inspect the whole area and then plan their job.

Hospital sanitization checklist

As the antimicrobial coating for hospital is now available easily, for all other types of medical facilities are procuring antimicrobial technology for better results and long-lasting solutions. There are several indoor and outdoor patient areas including waiting rooms, emergency rooms, operation theatres, pathological departments, x-ray rooms, etc. that need primary attention. As a part of regular cleaning, floors, walls, and dumping areas should be cleaned several times a day. Here is the complete checklist for clinic sanitizationof all areas and aspects of a hospital that need to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized:

·         Exam room: This is the room where lots of blood samples and other types of bloody fluid samples are collected for examination and also disposed of. Patients constantly enter this room and blood samples are collected. The inner atmosphere of this room should be sanitized.

·         Entrance and waiting rooms: Floors, walls, tables, and all seating arrangements should be deep cleaned and sanitized. Personal belongings of patients’ relatives if kept should also be cleaned and sanitized.

·         Hospital cafeterias:This place remains heavily crowded most of the time. Naturally, the contamination level of the area also remains high. Tables, chairs, countertops, and railings should be cleaned and sanitized to stop the spreading of contagious diseases.


·         Patient rooms: These are the rooms where patients are admitted for treatment. Besides beds and side tables, dozens of other aspects of these rooms need attention at the time of cleaning and sanitization. High-touch areas need special attention. Doors, doorhandles, windows, kickplates, and medical equipment should be thoroughlysanitized.

·         Outdoor doctors’ clinics:Hundreds of patients visit the outdoor department of a hospital. Every room in this part of the hospital is equipped with tables, chairs, examination beds, and loads of medical equipment.

·         Administrative office:This another important part where non-medical staff members work and silently provide all necessary backup to the medical fraternity. All usable articles and furniture items should be properly sanitized in this part.

·         Bathrooms: The most important parts of the hospital as far as sanitization is concerned are bathrooms. Sanitization and disinfection experts know which articles and fixtures of bathrooms need deep cleaning and sanitization.


Antimicrobial treatment for hospitals

Hospitals are always busy with patients. Every minute patients and their family members are entering and leaving hospital premises. It’s important to keep a hospital completely sanitized so that no one is affected with any contagious diseases. Antimicrobial treatment is the most modern sanitization and disinfectant treatment for hospitals and any other facilities. It can kill almost all germs on any surface. It is applied with the help of special devices on every metallic and non-metallic surface. Once applied, it remains effective for a pretty long time.

Germ Shieldis a wonderful formulation of Droom. It’s an antimicrobial treatment for hospitals and other facilities. It can kill 99.99% germs within a few minutes and hinders the breeding of microbes for the next three months. Expert technicians are employed for the application of Germ Shield. Before and after the application of Germ Shield the technicians perform swab tests of different risky areas of the hospital to ensure that these areas are properly sanitized. It is the best solution for hospital sanitization

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