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What Is the New Frontier of Canada's Heli-skiing?

Are you looking for the perfect winter getaway? We suggest you the ultimate adventurous heli-skiing experience in Canada. Make your holiday memorable and get your mind blown with the best heli-skiing experience. Canada is famous for its ideal terrains and best lodging facilities. Thus, what is better than exploring the new frontiers of Canada this vacation and developing memories for a lifetime?

New frontiers of Canada

The new frontiers of Canada assure not only the most comfortable lodging and accommodation, but also promise the best heli-skiing experience you will ever have. The hotels, lodges, terrains, and helicopters are all perfect for making your trip worth investing. Canada offers room to many heli-skiing every year and is the best-known terrain for all the visitors.

Starting from its ideal terrains, Canadian Heli-skiing trips are so promising because of its smooth and freeriding terrains. These terrains are ideal or skiing, heli-skiing, and snowboarding. The new frontiers of Canada are now equipped with advanced infrastructure and comfortable cabins. The accommodation and lodging are also perfectly ideal for all skiers.

Extream Heliskiing

You can go in the form of groups of 3, 4 or more and fly in A star B2/B3 helicopters, as per your desire. The trip can extend from 2-5 days or more, which again depends on your desire. These frontiers also include guides who have ACMG, UIAGM or CSGA certifications for heli-skiing. Thus, you don’t have to worry about the trip as your guides will be there to help you in all ways possible.

You may worry about safety and security. Stress yourself no more because these new frontiers are safe for your luxury trip. However, it also depends on the company you chose for the journey. The new frontiers of Canada are perfectly safe for heli-skiing and lodging. The shredded, deepest and driest powder of Canada, makes your heli-skiing safe and enjoyable at the same time.

Best Heli-skiing Location

British Columbia, Canada's best heli-skiing location, has been marked by the visitors as a world-class area for heli-skiing. This place is perfect to tailor all your wishes and ensures the best dry powder for excited Heli-skiers. The long powder sessions and luxurious private lodges are the best for heli-skiing and also offers the perfect accommodation you ever imagined. The lodges here also included house services with massage therapists, outdoor activities, hot tub, and sauna, etc. that make your trips worth remembering.

heli skiing

There are several locations in Canada that will leave you breathless by its beauty and perfection. According to skiers, Canada stands out to be one of the best terrains around the world. These frontiers include the Northern Escape, Bela Cooler Heli, British Columbia, and Last Frontier. All these places are worth visiting for all the adventure lovers.

Lodges at Northern Escape

These places provide the perfect packages to cater to the needs of every customer as per their wish. The locations at Northern Escape, for instance, offers the ideal packages for a variety of customers. These packages include Classic, Elite, and Private packages, depending on your requirements and affordability. The fantastic lodges at Northern Escape include Yellow Cedar lodge and the Pioneer lodges.

Which ensure hospitality and cozy cabins for all the customers. Thus, these customized packages are suitable for various customers with multiple requirements and offer the same fun experience that one expects.

These places are the best to visit from February to March. As this is the time when the snow is deep and powdery. At this time of the year, the skies are also clear, and the days are bright with the daylight. This is the time that suits best to all the skiers and especially all the Heli-skiers, as it ensures safe landing and easy skiing without chances of accidents or weather changes.

The Frontier of Canada is underrated after this season. In April and May, most of the skiers are busy in other summer activities. This is the time when heli-skiing is comparatively inexpensive. But the snow may not be very dry and powdery as in the early spring.

New Frontiers are Ideal

Lastly, the Canadian New Frontiers are ideal for heli-skiing because of its flexible and alterable skiing trips according to the requirements of its customers. Moreover, Canada provides ideal locations and is equipped with perfectly powdered snow and heli-skiing terrains. It also provides the most luxuries accommodations and reservations with all the amenities anyone can ever wish for in a heli-skiing trip. So, if you are planning a heli-skiing trip this vacation, consider Canada for an ultimate heli-skiing experience.

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