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What is The Number #1 Anime Streaming Platform?

Do you know Animedao is the best trending anime nowadays? Animedao is the best online free streaming anime site. If you are big anime -lover and have the interest to watch dubbed anime online, Animedao is the best choice for you.

The principal reasons for the popularity of this amazing site are that they offer anime free of cost and do not demand any registration and sign-up from their users.

 If you don’t want to watch the anime online, it is very simple for you to download those episodes for later use.

They offer amazing HD content for their users with an unmatched quality that is another attractive positive point of this site.

But the only issue with the site is that they offer pirated content to the users, therefore many countries have blocked the site for their user.

I will advise our reader to keep away from this site and be cautious. But online is the treasure of anime site which are similar to Animedao, find amazing sites to watch anime online for free. 


4 Best Animedao Alternatives Websites of 2021 



Animeultima website is another similar site like Animedao which offers amazing content for the regular user. The site is very popular among the anime-lover, while watching their anime they provide a minor description of every anime series.

This makes it easy for the audience to select the best series according to the story plot and characters.

Animeultima also provides anime from different parts of the world that’s why there is an English subtitle for all episodes. Dubbed and sub-dubbed movies are other attractions of this site.

Chia anime

Chia Anime is a similar site to Animedao and a free anime resource to watch anime. 

Their database has a vast collection of anime shows with HD quality at no price. You can stream your favourite anime series like My Hero Academia, One Piece, and Kokoro. A navigating option is very simple at this site which user like to visit this site.

 Various kinds of categories make the site easier to search for any kinds of popular anime which saves the user time. You may browse the most popular, random episodes, most recent anime by clicking on each category on the homepage of the site.

You may read manga and listen to an anime soundtrack that will give you a mind-blowing experience.


AnimeHeaven is the most prominent website similar to Animedao, where you will find your amazing anime, movies and series. The recent anime and online series are available with high quality. 

The major features of this site are a user-friendly interface, dark background and you can also watch the anime on your smartphone. Their library has a massive collection of popular anime in various categories.

After all, this is another best website for anime–lover. They also offer a premium version of anime for those who like quality anime. They do not run any kinds of ads, so they will not disturb you while watching anime. Few famous series is Hunter, Noroto, and One piece.

 Anime planet

A vast collection of anime, movies and popular series makes this site favorite to anime–lover. Anime planet is the heaven for anime and the credit goes to the site because of its unmatched quality.

The site has a simple and user-friendly interface, so it is so easy to navigate for the user to search for anything online. HD quality is a major feature, and no registration needed.

Anime is available in various genres like drama, comedy, horror, romance, thriller and much more. You may watch all kinds of manga and a complete list of Manga is available there. Even you can track your progress there.


Last words 

These alternatives site of Animedao are renowned for offering mind-blowing entertainment, you cannot neglect them if you are a big fan of anime.     


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Daniel Zayas
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