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What is The Paddle App?

Are you a passionate paddleboarder and want to connect with all other fellows around the world? Then, you will be growing more passionate about paddleboarding. The reason is straightforward. A fantastic social app for paddleboarders has recently been launched. There are some unique features designed here, which you may not have experienced before. As the catch-line goes, ‘A free lifestyle and insights app for anyone out on the water,’ here we discuss the different benefits of this app:


  1. Form and function: The best thing about this app is that it will always put you, the user, at the top layer of priority. They will want to ensure that you can enjoy your time on the water as well as on the app to the fullest. You will find a digital watercraft social club designed on the app. This specific software will allow much space so that you can cruise through the social club pretty effortlessly. Another outstanding feature you will find on the app is the interactive map. Here you can easily connect, interact and discuss matters with other like-minded paddleboarders, powerboaters, and sailors. You can also connect with kayakers and jet skiers. Last but not least, you can also get necessary information about nearby watercraft services, create or view different events on watercraft, and find new corners on the water to explore.

  2. Meet new friends: Do you love making friends? In the previous section, we had already discussed that you would get lots of opportunities to interact with fellow paddleboarders, kayakers, and other watercraft professionals. Besides interacting with them through a group, you can connect with them through their profiles too. Wherever you may be, onboard or in the middle of your home comfort, you can find and connect with these friends anytime you want. You can see stunning photos of their watercraft and get suggestions for yours too. You can also join popular groups and discuss with them, not just about paddleboarding, maybe about life lessons too. 

  3. Find your flotilla: Are you relatively new to the typical watercraft lifestyle? Well, don’t get too disheartened. You can join the discussion groups or create them according to the different types, their locations, and the popular routes they follow. In this vast world, you are bound to find people who share almost common interests. So, if you’re new, you should discover carefully those groups who share the exact locations and follow your routes. And if you’re a seasoned and experienced watercraft owner, then you can create groups to conduct important discussions with your friends to make newer plans.

  4. View Anchorage Occupancy: Every water-crazy person is passionate about exploring newer destinations and corners. They are indeed naturally very adventurous. But one has to keep in mind, before setting off, he or she has to make all the proper arrangements. One of them is discussed in this segment. If you plan to set sail for a new voyage on the sea, you should first collect all the real-time occupancy data on the sea area or your favorite anchorage. Have data but still feeling about the authenticity? Then you can just make a Zoom call to one of your reliable friends or any other unknown person you think to deliver the right message.
  5. Set the vibe: You must set your vibe according to your current mood situation. If you feel to get socially connected to people, you can just set your profile to ‘social.’ It will let the other paddleboarders get an idea of what you’re thinking or planning. Again, if you feel you need to be in your own space, you can just change the mode to ‘privacy.’ And lastly, if you think you are in the best mood now, to hang up with all the friends and soulmates, just change it again to ‘party.

As you can see, such good features are installed in the app; you should launch it on your device right now. You can get more details on the website of Afloat.

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