What is the Post Surgical Care Offered to the Patient After Hip Replacement?


Well, we all might be aware of several benefits of orthopaedic procedures, including hip replacement and knee replacement in India. More and more number of patients are attracted to avail the treatment in the country because of the Cost of a Hip Replacement Operation in India.

However, apart from that, there is a significant reason for which the patients travel from different countries of the world, is the success of the treatment.

The success rate is above 98%. The success of any treatment is not only based on the surgical procedures, but the results of any surgery majorly depend on recovery care. If the patient does not pay significant attention after the surgery, it can fail the treatment.

The surgeons and medical professionals in India are well-versed with the fact and thus provide complete attention to the patient until the recovery.

Post-Surgical Care Offered After Hip Replacement Surgery in India:


The surgeons and the medical team in the top hospitals of India makes sure that the patient does not suffer any complications after the treatment. To affirm the same, they take the following steps:

  • The patient is kept under observation for 48 hours after the surgery. It is essential to observe the response of the patient towards the operation.
  • Next, the patient is not immediately discharged. Instead, the doctors shift the patient to the care and recovery unit. Here the complete medical team takes care of appropriate medications and exercises of the patient.
  • The medical team assists the patient to walk within 48 hours of the surgery. It is necessary to restore the mobility of the hip joint.
  • The medical team guide the patient to maintain the collaboration between the movement and the rest. Over rest can cause mobility issues, and no change can result in stiffness as well as pressure on the hip joint.
  • Depending on the age of the patients, personalised exercises are taught to them.
  • The medical team also recommend physiotherapy to patients, depending on their condition. However, the span of physiotherapy is different as per the medical requirement of the patient.
  • The international patients need to stay for a week or more after the discharge outside the hospital. It is recommended so that the doctors can check the improvement in the condition of the patient. After the completion of the surgery, surgeons make complete scheduling for the periodic check-up of the patient.

In short, the surgeons in India give 100 % efforts at their end. But, the recovery after the treatment requires complete support at the patient's end. He needs to follow the instructions of the medical team to avoid any complications.

Final Words:

Once you undergo orthopaedic surgery in India, you can expect the sure-shot result. Also, the Hip Replacement Surgery in India Cost is within an affordable range.

So, plan your surgery immediately to avail the benefits and bid goodbye to your prolonged arthritic pain. You can once again follow a healthy routine once you get your hip replaced without any sufferings.