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What is the Price of Product Retouching?


First of all, it is necessary to find out what retouching is in general. Retouching is a change in the original image in order to improve it, namely, it is the elimination of defects, shaping, light adjustments, saturation control, etc. Retouch adjustments allow adding backgrounds, implement color correction for individual parts of the photo (for example, changing the color of objects, their shaping, the overall color correction of the whole picture and so on.

When talking about the product retouching pricing, the cost always depends on the complexity of the particular project. Whether a customer needs color corrections in Lightroom or Photoshop, which means the change of the hue and balancing of the light and color of the photo.

What Customers need to Look For?

The main thing in subject retouching is ideal forms, real textures, and highlights. Customers should remember that they pay for qualitative expert work oriented to meet the purpose of such photographs: most often it is an advertisement or the shooting editing. It is necessary to find and highlight the most striking details that attract the sight, as well as the image, and core idea of photography. However, it is worth noting that the subject in the photo should look perfect, as it has to preserve the real texture, color, and shape.

The price list of the brand product photography studio always evaluates the complexity of the work to be done with the photo: emphasizing the look and properties of various goods and products, revitalizing the composition, correctly placing accents and conveying the idea that carries the picture.

Price is the major Influencing Factor

When talking about the aspects that influence the price of the retouch work unpredictably is worth mentioning that sometimes this is the only way to hide defects of the product caused by poor transportation. Also, retouch is the best way to fight with the reflections - the regular enemies of every photographer.

Conventionally, all objects and surfaces can be divided into glaring and non-glaring. Each of these conditional groups requires a special approach and knowledge. So, for example, glaring objects require a deeper study of glaring effects, given their reflective qualities, and in the case of glass or jewelry, transparency. And for non-glare objects, shades and transitions of tones are more important.

Customize the retouch experience

The main thing is not to lose the reality of the texture when processing the image - the cold shine of the metal, the smoothness of the glass, soft light spots of plastic or, for example, shades of expensive leather. It is hard to deal with reflections elimination. If objects are on glass or a mirror or are themselves made of these materials, they have the ability to reflect and re-reflect on surfaces. Based on the client’s wishes, photography studio can whether add reflection and make it more effective and clear or remove it. In both cases, accuracy, and scrupulousness in work, as well as attention to detail are “must-have” qualities.

Retouching is worth your money

In general, product photography retouching is quite similar to beauty retouching, since in both cases the ability to notice and concentrate on small details is extremely important. When working, a retouching expert must remember that the key factor for a beautiful result is the beauty of texture and shape, and its maximum approximation to reality.

Retouching services can be different: simple and complex. Accordingly, it takes a different amount of time to process different product photos. Even within the framework of one project, the cost of retouching similar photos can differ significantly. It all depends on what needs to be done.

Final Words

If you are curious to know the pricing on retouch work more accurately, you will hear when reaching out to the Squareshot studio professionals who can evaluate the amount of work and give consultation to studio clients.

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