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What is the Roadmap to Becoming an AI Engineer?

Becoming an AI Engineer

Artificial Intelligence is the current talk of the town. It is around us everywhere and we are enjoying what this technology has to offer. From Alexa to self-driving cars, it is creating a huge impact on our lives.

According to Gartner, Artificial Intelligence is expected to create 2.3 million jobs by 2020. This lucrative field of AI is opening a plethora of opportunities for AI Engineers. The technology To aspiring candidates, it is the right time to become an artificial intelligence engineer. AI professionals are making their career path in AI to contribute their best of innovation in the field. It is of great significance to know that if you are First thing first, becoming an artificial intelligence engineer is not an easy task. But, the good news is that if you are intimidated with programming languages, tools, and computer science basics, you are a perfect match to become an AI engineer.

What exactly artificial intelligence is? 

We have heard a lot about machines replacing humans. With this, you can fathom what AI is capable of doing. Artificial intelligence is the process of training machines to work and behave like humans. Any task can be handled by robots. Such is the power of artificial intelligence. It is creating a better future.

It is currently exhibiting its potentiality in natural language processing, knowledge gathering and data structuring, and learning the behavior of natural systems and the list goes on. In an easy-breezy language, it is trying to ease the lives of humans. Think of ordering food using Alexa and turning the lights off with the help of Google Homes- These AI-powered gadgets are smart enough to drive us crazy by understanding our requirements.

Time to understand the role of AI Engineers- 

AI or machine learning researcher

The role of AI engineer is to improve machine learning and look for additions in robotic algorithms. They think about the theories that can be applied to the new domains. Most of the people in this position hold an advanced degree such as a Masters or Ph.D. in a STEM-field.

AI software development, program management, and research

People in this position build the systems and infrastructure to apply machine learning. AI professionals in this position have an undergraduate degree in a field like computer science, engineering, etc. If you are the one with a great understanding of AI, robotics, and strong mathematical skills, this position in AI engineering is ideal for you.

Data mining and analysis

Data analysis and data mining are a subdivision of business intelligence (BI). This includes simple query and reporting, statistical analysis, more complex multidimensional analysis, and data mining. The work includes investigating the data sources and training the systems to be able to recognize patterns.

Machine learning applications

This includes training machines to identify gestures, detect financial fraud, and analyze the content of ad and marketing campaigns. Machine learning applications execute a function in a particular field.

How to become an AI Engineer? 

Learn the programming languages

You need to be a pro in Python, C++, JAVA, etc. Do not limit yourself. Learn as many favorable programming languages as you can to code artificial intelligence applications. Master the languages to demonstrate your potential in AI Engineering.

Learn Linear Algebra and Differential Calculus

Mathematics is the most important part of Artificial Intelligence. Knowledge in Differential Calculus and Linear Algebra is required to make your way in AI. Nothing can stop you from becoming an AI engineer if you are good at this subject.

Get Certified

Certifications play a crucial role to make you land your dream job easily. Certified AI professionals are highly sought after. They are recognized by the top industries and are given high salary packages. Certifications are a direct way to build your career in AI 

This is the right time to enter into the world of Artificial Intelligence!

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