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What is web traffic and why is it important for your digital sales strategy

When creating our website we do so with a clear objective which is to increase our sales and have an internet presence; It is important that you establish parameters that help measure the success of the page, evaluating web traffic and the relationship with digital sales.

We can define web traffic as the number of visits your online portal receives daily, these users come from different channels; Being able to verify this information allows you to know the level of effectiveness of your advertising methods. Knowing these data allows you to know if you should improve the sales funnel or even if you should identify the buyer again.

These are just some of the key answers you will get when you know your page traffic, so I will help you understand it; This will lead you to know the close relationship of traffic with online sales.

What should we consider to establish the traffic index on the web

In the first place, you must take into account the daily visits that the portal receives, the average visit of the same user; I explain that index shows the number of times a consumer visits the page. In turn, it gives you a read on how interested he is in your products.

You should also verify the time spent in the place, that is, how long it takes to search and verify the products. Identify the peak hour, which indicates the hour or moment of greatest popularity of your page.

How to improve traffic on your website and increase your digital sales

First of all, before improving traffic, we must check how the influx of users is. There are many tools, both paid and free, for you to measure the level of web traffic among some of them we have; Google Analytics, Webtrends, Woorank among others, all serve to verify the number of users who entered your site.

Improve the CEO.

You must work on the SEO of your website, it is the only way to improve the natural and high-quality traffic of the place; It should be noted that it is not an easy task and you should also know that the results will be obtained in the long term but will be long-lasting; The visits you get from the new model will be converted into sales.

Expand Internet Advertising

There are currently various ways of advertising on the internet, all these options can help improve traffic; We have advertising in search engines, dynamic remarketing among others, the ideal is that you choose a series of these and apply it.

Email marketing

This type of contact is essential to increase the traffic of the place; This advertising strategy is done by email, it is a direct and personalized option. It is intended that netizens enter your portal on a recurring basis, increasing sales and brand loyalty.

Relationship of web traffic and electronic sales.

As I explained to you, traffic indicates a series of patterns and behaviors that users experience on your online site; The theory says that if you have good traffic levels, online sales should be taking place; The truth is that is not entirely true, since there are factors involved to take into account.

The buyer is an indispensable factor, since advertising must meet the consumer's requirements; It also considers analyzing the audience that is receiving it and making changes if necessary; It also innovates attractive content that hooks prospects.

To conclude, if you consider that your online sales are not going as they should; I recommend that you verify all the points that I mentioned and make the necessary changes; You will see that the results will be favorable and you will not regret it!

Sanath Pollemore
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