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What Is WordPress Hosting And How To Choose A Host

Choosing WordPress for a website is a smart decision. It is because WordPress is one of the best open-source management system (CMS) solutions in the world. Today, around one-third of all websites over the Internet are powered by WordPress. After choosing the platform, the next step is to pick a web hosting for the website. There is an extensive range of hosting services, but the right move is to select WordPress hosting among all.

WordPress Hosting: Definition

In layman’s language, it can be simply described as hosting that one can optimize to ensure that the website works in an effective manner. This includes fast speed, security, and resources that a website needs to operate smoothly. The best host will also provide with services to make sure that a website’s software services get updated every time an update is there.

WordPress hosting is of two types- Shared and Managed. Shared hosting is cheaper than Managed, but there are several things that differentiate these plans from each other. When someone chooses Shared WordPress hosting, then a website shares a server with other websites. It means a server will not be completely there only for one website. In addition to space on the server, these websites also share resources with each other.

On the other hand, Managed hosting is a costlier hosting plan than Shared WordPress hosting. However, it also has more to offer to a website and its owner. For example- When someone chooses Managed hosting for a website, then there is guaranteed fast speed, reliability, better security, and more resources than a Shared hosting plan.

Tips To Choose WordPress Hosting Provider

Although both web hosting plans are different from each other in terms of speed, space, and resources, picking a hosting company also affects a website owner’s decision. For example- Hosting companies have their own WordPress hosting packages, and these packages may be different from the same kinds of packages offered by other companies. One company’s Shared hosting plan will have different services for a website from another company. In addition, their prices will also be different from each other. There are multiple things that a website owner can consider to reach the right service provider and pick the best plan.

  • Space on the server is the first thing that a website owner must consider. A hosting company will have plenty of plans to ensure that a person gets enough space on the server to meet requirements.
  • The best web hosting company has a cost-effective WordPress hosting plan with unlimited WordPress databases.
  • There will be the feature of WordPress auto install and a free WordPress theme that otherwise comes at a price.


Now that you are aware of WordPress hosting and important things related to it, you can start your search to reach the best hosting service provider. Ensure that you get the best hosting plan from a company that is known for its reliable hosting services. Get to know about all the packages of a company and choose one that suits your needs.

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