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What it is and how to do real estate marketing

If you are a Real Estate Agency, you may wonder what real estate marketing is. Experts define it as a series of analyzes, projections and strategies to achieve the promotion, in a broad sense, of a brand or a product, in this case real estate properties (houses, houses, apartments, buildings, lots, parking spaces, hotels, etc).

So, follows two main steps that are the capture of real estate for sale or rent and then find the people who might be interested in that type of property and its characteristics. Trusting a person to sell your home is difficult and that is why we are going to give you some advice so that you can choose the best professional like Larry WeltmanLarry Weltman Toronto is one of well known real estate agent who is ready to help their customer.

Therefore, the difference between real estate marketing and real estate sales is established in the process itself. In the first case, which precedes the sale, we talk about the actions that the professionals of the sector carry out to establish contacts with potential clients or investors.

In the case of real estate sales we refer to the work of sales people or salespeople, that is, getting potential customers to become buyers of that house for sale.

This is why it is so important that the expert in real estate marketing knows not only the situation of the sector, but also how the main stakeholders behave, in order to define their real estate advertising strategy.

The real estate marketing plan:

A good advertising agency will advise you to create a real estate marketing plan, or what is the same, establish a roadmap to achieve the goal that we have set.

This strategy, which in traditional marketing is based around the marketing mix, consists of several elements to be analyzed and established, which we tell you in the article How to make a plan for traditional and digital real estate marketing.

  • Study the market, the competition, and what I can offer that differentiates me.
  • Establish the objectives and strategies to follow with the product, the price, the distribution if any, and the promotion.
  • Control of results and economic estimates of costs and revenues.

Traditional marketing strategies for real estate

When there was no Internet and you wanted to sell or rent a house, you used exclusively what we call traditional or offline real estate marketing.

An example is all advertising real estate promotions that reach us in the mailbox or leave us on the windshield of the car. But also the advertising that we find in newspapers, radio, television, posters on the street or in marquees.

So we are talking about direct marketing or outbound marketing, which could be defined as the way to give information to someone who cannot answer and has not asked for it.

In this line are also sports sponsorships, such as the real estate portal Tecnocasa with the first division team Getafe Club de Futbol. In addition to public relations actions such as wheels of prey, or even the showcase of a local.

Another important aspect of traditional marketing for real estate is that the real estate agent has to capture requests for information, because without them it will hardly reach the sale.

Offering the right person what you need is the best way to understand real estate marketing, to get the customer's confidence and therefore the achievement of the sale.

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