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What Jobs Are Considered Financial Services?

Thinking about a career in the financial sector? Financial services encompass a broad sector from banking, insurance, loan brokerage, wealth and investment management, financial planning, financial consultancy, and much more. Fortunately, getting into the finance industry need not be difficult because, according to the President of E2E Financial Solutions, all you need is a positive mindset and hard work to achieve the best possible results.

Financial services require transparency and honesty. Due to the vast nature of the options available, one needs to consider the new opportunities in the financial industry. Whether you’re looking for a career option or new employment opportunities, here are some of the jobs considered as financial services.

Financial Consultancy

Financial consultancy deals with offering client-focused (personalized) financial advice to help one’s clients build wealth. It has a role similar to financial advice in that consultants identify suitable investment opportunities for their clients.

A financial consultant is also responsible for his client’s financial affairs. They help their clients build a solid financial strategy by analyzing the income, expenditure, and assets. By focusing on the aspects that contribute to your overall financial well-being, the consultant can create a reliable, cost-effective approach to address your goal.

Currently, many companies are looking for financial consultants to help their businesses reach their goals while providing solutions for the already existing problems.

Commercial Banking

As the name implies, commercial banks are for corporates, institutions, and sometimes, government entities. It’s where people keep their money safe. You must have come across terms such as business loans, mortgages, personal loans, and auto (car) loans, among other names, during your search. Commercial banking entails a wide range of services, most of which are fuelled by customer deposits.

A commercial banker works in a commercial bank or similar institution. Their roles include maintaining good relationships with clients while attracting new businesses. Other duties include managing corporate accounts, facilitating loans and finance, and investments.

To become a commercial banker, all you need is a bachelor’s degree in finance and possess relevant communication, sales, and interpersonal skills to keep the existing clients.

Financial Planning

Many people are looking for financial assistance when it comes to maintaining their financial stability. That’s where financial planning comes in. Financial planners study the client’s goals and design an effective strategy to meet these goals. Some will focus on savings and investments to create a solid financial plan for their client’s financial wellness.

A financial planner’s main duties are to the client - whether corporations or individuals. They may have other roles in asset allocation, risk management, retirement planning, tax planning, and estate planning.

In financial planning, one may work in large groups or local-based firms, provided that they have the experience, qualifications, areas of expertise, services offered, and other factors.


Businesses need accounting for transparency, performance analysis, and decision-making. They also need to pay taxes to the government, but to do so, they must first be fully aware of their true financial position through accounting.

Accounting is a crucial element of the business world. It seeks to summarize the true and fair view of a business’s financial status at a given period. As an accountant, one deals with the expenses of the company, the balance sheet, assets, liabilities, and income statement. Certified Public Accountants are tasked with helping businesses and individuals keep track of their finances.

Accountants are responsible for analyzing, summarizing, and reporting financial transactions to the business management, tax collection agencies, etc. They do so through the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAPs), which outline the set of accepted accounting procedures.

Investment Management

Investment management refers to how financial assets are handled. Many investment companies (e.g., insurance companies, private investors, corporations, and charity organizations) rely on investment management to expand their businesses through stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

Investment managers are responsible for handling the investor’s finances for future gains. They’re tasked with the management of securities shareholdings, real estate, and other assets. To get started on an investment management role, you need analytical skills, communication skills, and an undying thirst for gaining knowledge in financial markets.

Financial Analyst

A financial analyst examines financial data for decision-making. He/she is tasked with analyzing data to identify any opportunities or outcomes business experiences after taking a certain course of action or investment recommendations. Financial analysts can work in junior or senior positions.

Junior analysts focus more on data gathering and financial modeling. On the other hand, senior financial analysts focus more on communicating with investors and creating models that identify potential investment opportunities. To get started as a financial analyst, one needs a bachelor’s degree in finance, a math-related field, or MBA.

Finance covers a wide scope of services, meaning more opportunities for individuals and organizations. Finding the right opportunities may require additional training, experience, and an expert’s opinion.

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