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What Jobs You Get With Certificate 3 In Aged Care?

The sector of aged-care providing and support to the senior and disabled person is an important field in the Australian job market. With the Certificate III in Individual Support, the persons interested in the field of aged care can start their journey in this sector. Read on further to get a clear idea about the career options and the module to complete in this particular course.

The reasons to pursue this line of work

The job of aged care of taking care of disabled individuals is not new, there have been several concerns that provided commendable services in this sector. However, most of the services were voluntary and the main problem was enough practiced persons to take care of the needs. The population of Australia is going to reach a new high in the number of senior people, that is, aged 65 years and more. The statistics available states that 1 in 5 people will fall in that age bracket within 10 years. In this situation, there is and will be a huge demand for the number of workers.

Incidentally, in the present scenario, this line of work is not ultra-high paying like some fields like engineering or computers. So, if you are looking for that kind of remuneration, it is suggested that you take other courses than the Aged Care Courses Perth that are more fitting to your target career.

To sum up, the job is not without its perks. Aged-care and support needs proficient individuals with calm nerves and steady hands to take care of the people. This job entails the workers with the chance of giving something back to the society and providing the care to the deserving people, who have crossed the age where their body may not permit even that simple activity; or individuals who are restricted physically. This certificate will provide the necessary training to put the first step in the sector of individualized care of seniors.

What would be the course module?

This particular certification arranges for the total training of the students. From the theoretical knowledge of the medicine to the practical training of their implementation, everything will be taught by the course provider. This course also trains the students to implement stable and functioning relationships with the other departments, make a standard operating protocol of the running applications; in short, undertake a complete and effective regime for the patient under their care. In this regard, the modules they studied in their Cert III training will be helpful to a great degree.

This Individual Support Course consists of a total of 8 modules to be studied by the student, among which 6 modules are core or compulsory, and two modules are elective. There are seven core units in which a few may be similar to other aged-care certifications, and then the student can choose their electives from two parts-aged care and disability. There are about more than 100 electives when these two are taken together. In many cases, the course provider will design the course with study modules to cater to a large group of students with different preferences. However, the modules, in general, will be related to the discipline of Health and Community Care, Business, Hospitality and Transport, and Logistics. The students will have to choose the correct course which will be fruitful to their career in the long run.

What are the jobs?

As stated earlier, this certification is the basic one for the aged-care and disability assistance sector. Therefore, other than in special cases, it will not be feasible to expect administrative level jobs with this certificate. Mostly, the certificate holders will be offered jobs as workers in a community and residential setting. The job description would be mainly taking care of the aged patients under the workers, keeping track of their set routine, medications, and support if any. Apart from medical help, they will be also required to provide emotional support. This would include the mental well-being of the patient with a basic level of counseling. The posts the graduates of certificate III can get are;

1)      Accommodation Maintenance Worker

2)      Individual Care Giver

3)      Respite Care Worker

4)      Accommodation Support Worker (Disability)

5)      Incapacity Services Worker

6)      Food Services Worker (Aged Care)

The course providers could be consulted about other specialized jobs or posts that can be applied to.

In conclusion

The job opportunities are much in this sector and are mainly related to the assistance and care of the elderly and specially-abled. This course not only provides the required theoretical knowledge but also the vocational training to ensure that proper care would be possible if and when the situation arises. So, the students would need to choose their module carefully and keep in mind their preferred area of work.

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