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What kind of benefits do employees look for when choosing a job?

COVID has completely changed the game as far as the working world is concerned. For one thing, it has crippled thousands of businesses, many of which are only now starting to recover thanks to the help of various government initiatives and recovery loan schemes.

But COVID has also catalysed a fundamental shift in how employees view their working life. The shift towards remote and hybrid work has meant that employees expect more from their employers than ever before. So, what are the top benefits attracting talent in a post-pandemic landscape?

Flexibility - The ability to work from home at least a few days a week has become the most desirable employee benefit for millions of us after we all discovered the joy of home working over the pandemic. The lack of commute and the relaxed pace of remote work meant we could take a little agency back in our working lives and for most of us, going back to “the old way” is not an option.

Paid leave - Whether it’s for new parents, general familial caregiving or simply for the odd holiday, paid leave is always going to be a major benefit to draw in top talent. Paid maternity leave was always a given, of course, but now male workers have been asking for paternity leave too.

Retirement - Is there a company pension in place or not? Because people are living longer and are more likely to consider their retirement than they were years ago.

Health and fitness - We are all trying to look after ourselves a little better these days, both in terms of our physical and mental health. That’s why health and fitness employee benefit ideas rank amongst the most desirable perks for modern employees. These benefits can include everything from offering employees gym membership discount packages to installing a gym at the office itself. Or perhaps added incentives to walk or cycle to work rather than driving?

Rewards - While it might not be as professionally satisfying as paid holiday or the ability to organise your working life, little rewards can prove a pleasant distraction. Perhaps consider partnering with local restaurants and shops to give corporate discounts and set up a voucher system, or partner with a chain that employees can enjoy across the country.

Onsite facilities - We spend so much of our lives at work. So much so that the workplace is often seen as our second home. That means making the workplace feel a little bit more like a home than a place of work. So, invest in the shared spaces like the lounges and cafeterias, consider putting some entertainment in areas where it makes sense and try to cultivate a more involving and engaging atmosphere.

Think outside the box - Maybe a lot of your employees are dog or cat people? Maybe you could initiative a bring your pet to work day? Or maybe treat certain teams that have been performing well to a meal out or something more ambitious? The sky is the limit as far as employee benefits are concerned in 2021.

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