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What kind of food items do women eat at the time of sargi on karva Chauth?

Celebrating the festival of Karwa Chauth gives a kind of pleasure to the women because they get opportunities to look attractive. Along with that, they also make themselves suffer by not eating and drinking anything for their husband as they want their partners to be healthy. However, they forget about their appetite and thirst in the excitement of dressing up. They like to look their best for which they wear their favorite dresses and jewelry which can even be gifted by their husbands by purchasing gift items of karwa Chauth gifts for them. They also go to beauty parlors to get their makeup done. There are also women who do not do fasting but like to wear new clothes and jewelry. They apply mehndi as well, and that is why it seems that every woman is applying latest mehndi designs on their hands before the Karwa Chauth because of the rush in the markets.

You would be thinking that karwa Chauth is a nirjala fast in which they do not eat and drink anything then how can they eat something, but there is a ritual of karwa Chauth named as sargi. For performing the rituals of karwa Chauth they wake before the sunrise to eat the sargi. They wake up around four or five o clock to eat the food items so that they can have the energy for the whole day, and this ritual is given the name of sargi. The following items are generally eaten during sargi. 

Some kind of traditional sweets

They eat the sweets because it is considered auspicious to eat something sweet before starting anything important in Indian culture. However eating too much sugar can be unhealthy especially at the time of sargi, therefore, they can eat in small quantities. They can eat one or two pieces of traditional sweets as they should eat traditional foods at traditional festivals. They also make traditional desserts to be eaten during sargi time particularly made with milk. 

Some light food items

They also eat something light like cooked vegetables with some chapatis. They should avoid the consumption of oily and fried food at this early because they can feel sleepy and tired after eating this kind of heavy food. 

All kinds of eatables of sargi are given by mothers-in-law to their daughters-in-law so the latter can do fasting properly without having any health issues. Mothers-in-law who are living away from their daughters-in-law can send these things online to them by sending different karwa Chauth & send diwali gifts to india to them. 

A lot of different Fruits

Fruits if eaten during sargi time, can help them remain stuffed for the whole day of fasting of Karwa Chauth which means they would not feel hungry most of the time. These are rich in vitamins and fibers. These can be eaten in a great quantity as these are healthy for them. If they do not feel like eating the same apple and banana, they can add other kinds of foods as well. 

Dry fruits or nuts in great quantity

These are full of protein and calories which can give them energy for the whole day. If they do not feel like eating them alone, then they can get them added to any dish. These are also helpful in keeping the body warm as well as protect it from cough and cold. 

When they break their fasts, they should eat healthy food during that time as well which should not include fried food or caffeinated drinks. The drinks which contain caffeine like tea or coffee can make a person feel dehydrated, so instead, they should drink juice or smoothies. They can eat the above-mentioned things after breaking their fast. 

We can observe from these kinds of festivals how many sacrifices women make for their husbands, thus their partners should also do some kind of sacrifices for them. They should help them in household chores if they have any health issues or doing any job. Some people think that it is the duty of women only to do housework, but now when women are also earning money, they should divide the household chores as well. They should be given equal freedom just like their men.

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