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What Kind of Structural Engineering Services are Available in Texas

If anyone is planning on building a building in Texas you first have to know the lay of the land. No one can build anything if they don’t know the natural forces of gravity and nature that you’re up against.

Building a structure is easy but building one that can withstand the pressures and natural disasters is much more difficult. 

That’s where structural engineers come into play they are trained to be able to design the perfect building that matches your needs. However, what is a structural engineer and what services for structural engineering are offered in the state of Texas.

What Is A Structural Engineer?


A structural engineer is in a branch of civil engineering. They are the ones that create all the specifications and drawings of large modern buildings. They make sure that each building is structured to support itself against any force that threatens it. 

They have to spend the time before a building is made planning out how it will be made. They must compare the different weights a part of the building would have and how it would balance out.

They also have to factor in outside forces such as soft soil, wind, the rain that could cause rusting.

If they are building bridges or anything else they have to consider the gravity of a horizontal building, not just a vertical one.

How it would balance and stay in the air without falling to the ground while staying within the budget limits put on them. To do this they have to consider the lateral force resistance of gravity.

This part of the process is for analysis. The structural engineer will analyze the entire project and precisely pick the perfect structural design that would match the building.

How Do You Become A Structural Engineer?

To become a structural engineer you first need a license to practice.

This can be obtained by completing the time of educational training, required time in work-based experience and finally a two-day exam that would finalize your license of practice.

After this, you can practice structural engineering legally. 

Then you can get your license for structural engineering. To retrieve that you would need 3 years of experience as a license to practice structural engineer and would have to take another exam to be able to be a fully licensed structural engineer.

What Structural Engineering Services Are Offered In Texas?

Now that you know what a structural engineer is. What services are offered in Texas?

  • One structural engineering services Texas is structural framing design. That service can be done with wood, concrete or steel.
  • Bracing and Shear wall design. This is also done with wood, concrete or steel.
  • Residential Foundation Design. This is done with the slab on grade. With a choice of post-tension or mild steel. Then also made with pier supported slabs and steel beams on metal decking
  • Commercial Foundation Design made with slab on grade and a choice of post-tensioned or mild steel, and pier supported slabs.
  • It is also offered Structural framing assessment and modifications to existing buildings that need it.

These are structural engineering services Texas for structural engineering by Falkofske Engineering. This company is located in Arlington Texas. 

They have been working for over 30 years. Their track record has never once shown any failure in their delivery of satisfaction to their customers.

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