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What makes a good business fleet car?

If your business in any way involves transporting goods, services or employees then at a certain point in your growth journey, you’re going to need to invest in a fleet of business vehicles. But what should business owners be considering if they want to get the most out of their fleet without forking out a small fortune?


Flexibility - A business fleet is likely to play many eclectic roles within your organisation. You might be using your fleet to make deliveries, pick up supplies, transport employees to and from meetings and even to pick up customers. A good fleet vehicle will be able to seamlessly carry out all of these tasks and plenty more besides. It will also need to be a car that is drivable by a lot of people of different standards of driving, there is no point in going for a huge car that a lot of people wouldn’t be comfortable driving.


Maximum branding - You fleet is a spectacular opportunity to increase brand awareness by having your vehicles branded with your company logo. Think of it as a portable advertising board that represents your brand and also features contact. This also applies to the impression that employees leave when driving the cars. Whether it’s making sure they park the cars appropriately, don’t tail gate other drivers or just make sure that they keep the cars in good conditionso they look nice and presentable, which leads us onto the next point.


Durability - A good fleet car is a car that can withstand a lot of use. This is why there are certain models and certain manufacturers that you should value above others. Brand new DS Automobiles  are notoriously durable and get incredible mileage. Looking at what types of car companies similar to yours use is a good starting point, especially if they are using them for similar reasons.


Leasing or buying - Most businesses will typically utilise contract hire services because, in that situation, the leasing company takes on most of the risks. However, this also means you need to stay within the agreed mileage and ensure the vehicles remain undamaged whilst you are using them. This is why, whilst it will set you back more, you shouldn’t completely write-off the idea of buying your fleet, at least if you can afford it.


Safety - A safer fleet will always be a cheaper fleet in the long run because fewer accidents mean less downtime and less money spent on repairs, not to mention employees who might need to take time off  work. This is a vital step that must not be missed. It is very important that your employees feel safe, especially if they are spending a lot of time in their vehicles.


Cost - A good fleet is made up of vehicles with good fuel economy and vehicles that are well maintained and driven economically. This means you might want to consider training your drivers to use  them economically. Insurance, servicing costs and maintenance costs should also be considered when choosing your fleet. Making sure you can maintain them to the highest standard for the long term.


Management - Fleet management is so much more than simply ensuring your drivers are looking after their cars. It’s about buying the right cars and putting the right people in them, of course, but it’s also about managing your staff. Fleet management software can go a long way towards helping here, but we understand that might be a major expense. Overall it’s all about making your drivers feel valued and making them feel safe. You’re halfway there already then.

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