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What Makes a Good-Quality Men’s Shirt? Find Out in This Buyer’s Guide

Garments these days, especially shirts, have become more versatile in terms of quality and flexibility. Thus, finding the best quality shirts is easier than before. However, most men are still caught up in confusion about choosing what is right for them.

Also, most men are afraid to overdress at the same time. They also fear being too casual, which is why shirts are always the go-to piece of clothing that balances both perfectly.

With this in mind, investing in good-quality shirts is the best way to look good and give value to the consumers' money. 


What Makes a Good-quality Shirt? 

In general, many people base their assumption of quality on the shirt's fabric, while some base it on the thread count, and others base it on comfort. 

It is important to get meticulous with the vast brands and options to choose from for mens shirts online

There are various ways to measure the overall quality, whether it is a buttoned or tee.

To evaluate, here are some key questions to ponder. 

    • What is it made of? 

    • What is the process used to make it?

    • Who made it? 

    • How much is the shirt?

    • How long will it last?

    • Is the brand reputable? 

    • Does it benefit the wearer?

    • Does the brand help protect the environment?

    • Does the brand align its values? 


Does Being Expensive Make It Good-quality? 

The answer is no. It is because shirts or t-shirts do not cost a lot unless designed or sold by a prominent designer brand that is very impractical.

The price tag of the shirt is not entirely important. The most important aspect of a good-quality shirt is its comfort, design, durability, and brand's reputation to use an environment-friendly manufacturing process and pay their workers fair wages. 

Guys can check the brand fashion checker, a popular website that advocates fair wages and a transparent supply chain for garments. 

Everyone must proactively ask the question, what does the cost of another designer brand's shirt account for? It is not about assuming, but if the designer brands fail to provide the consumers' necessary details on how they came up with the hefty prices on their products, it is not ideal for shopping with them. 

Remember to shop with those who practice transparency, especially if you want to shop mens shirts online.


How Important is Proper Fitting/Sizing to Determine a Good-quality shirt? 

A well-fitted shirt is a rule of thumb not just to determine quality but also comfort. However, most men are not entirely aware of what it means for a well-fitted shirt. 

In general, it should touch the body but not too tight to wear. A well-fitted shirt can slide two to three fingers between the collar and the neck. Most men wear loose-fitted shirts. However, there are instances it is too large and instantly defeats the purpose of looking good. Although men have different fashion preferences, a well-fitted shirt is a proper way to look awesome. 

Also, not all shirts are created equal. There are different types of fabric used to make them. Thus, it is important to check which type of fabric easily shrinks when washed and dried. Which fabric crumples easily, and which ones can sag easily.

Always remember that a good-quality shirt is not based on its price tag or brand. It is all about comfort, proper fitting, and the brand's transparency to its customers. There are tons of good-quality shirts to buy online. It is just a matter of careful research and referring to the information provided in this post.


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