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What Makes a Good Security Guard for Your Home or Office

A security officer is someone who does not run away from danger and instead faces it bravely. In fact, with selfless devotion being the hallmark, the person will put other’s safety prior to his or her own. If there is any other profession that is synonymous to being a soldier, police, or fire fighter, it has to be the security guard who is placed in a residential or commercial building.

Corporate security guards are individuals who possess an immense sense of responsibility while doing their job. They are not only brave hearts by their nature but also possess other qualities that help them secure a respectable position in the industry. Let us look at the qualities that make a good corporate security guard: :

  1. Intelligent thinking- The use of logic and reasoning skills is the foremost quality of a security officer. He/she should be able to come up with different solutions as per the demand of the situation. Since the security officer has to come up with such solutions instantly, he or she should have the awareness of the surrounding at all times. By paying attention to every minute details, the officer will be able to identify the lingering and upcoming problems and take the necessary steps before it becomes too serious. An officer will always be ready to face any adversity and put into effect solutions that will control the situation effectively.

  1. Well-communication skills- Most of the professions demand one to have commendable communication skills. However, a security officer is known to communicate with others clearly besides possessing the power to take charge should the situation demand. When there is an emergency situation, a security officer must be able to speak his mind and the plan of action clearly to the team members. In addition, written communication skills are also necessary to enable the officer give an accurate information about an incident , besides carrying out the required documentation.

  1. Security training- Training for becoming a corporate or residential security guard is a prerequisite criterion. A security guard performs numerous functions: he/she prevents theft, detains suspects, supervise areas and also go for patrolling. Moreover, he or she keeps a track and identifies the people or vehicles that are entering and leaving the premises. Irrespective of whether he or she uses arms or not, training is necessary to handle any kind of situations, The training should equip the guard with the requisite skills to manage a particular problem and ease out the situation. He or she should be able to prevent a situation from getting worse and ultimately resulting into a conflict.

  1. Believable- Honesty comes attached with being a security officer. The individual must be trustworthy, honest and dependable since he/she has an access to the confidential aspects of a business. Honesty is much more a needed virtue if the security guard has to protect people, cash, digital assets and other commercial properties. Before hiring a security guard from a trusted agency, do not forget to conduct a background check to know his/her past records of trustworthiness.

  1. Disciplined- A security guard should always be punctual and report to his duty on time. He/she must have a sense of responsibility and try not to be absent unless the situation is grave since his/her absence can leave the people as well as the premises of the corporate building unprotected and susceptible to danger at any time. Furthermore, he or she should be alert about all the activities that are going on around for the best security reasons.

Conclusion- These are the five qualities that make a perfect security guard for a corporate or residential property. Having these qualities will automatically earn the good name that the security guard deserves as well as offer the best kind of protection to the occupants of the building and premises.

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