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What Makes Effective SEO Campaigns?

What makes effective SEO campaigns? The campaigns that are most successful, will be those that incorporate a good mix of on-page and off-page search engine optimization. Search engines are all about relevancy. The higher the relevancy of your pages (a.k.a. content) to the search terms you are targeting, the higher your rankings will be in search engines. The most successful campaigns will integrate proven on-page optimization techniques with proven off-page optimization techniques to increase both rankings and traffic.


 Using tools that measure backlinks, can give you a clear picture of how effective your efforts are. This information will help you build links which in turn will boost your search engine rankings. Backlinks are very important and therefore should be taken seriously. There are many tools that measure backlinks such as Google Page Rank, social bookmarking sites, blog directories, and web directories.

Social Media Monitoring:

 Google+ seems like it's going to break the social media worldwide open, but right now it's still in beta. However, monitoring services can be a useful service to give you an early look at how the social media landscape is evolving. Some services measure results based on shares and conversations, while others go the more "traditional" route and monitor click on each post. Other services offer more detailed reports. Consider using at least a few of these to get a sense of what is working and what isn't.

Link Building Tools:

 Just like with any other marketing campaign, quality links are the key to success. There are a number of tools that can be used for link building such as Google Page Rank Checker, Search Reports Advanced, Link Finder, and more. These services can provide you with valuable link-building data that you can analyze to understand what kinds of links are bringing you the most traffic. In addition to building links, these services can help you detect broken links, suggest alternative links or tell you if a website is really about what it claims to be.

SEO Analysis:

 It may seem obvious, but an SEO analysis is a must. A complete analysis will tell you what your actual page rank is, as well as what your competitors are doing to increase their page ranks. It will tell you how many keywords you are getting hit and what search engines are expecting from you. Most importantly, an analysis will tell you how you can improve your SEO strategy to benefit your site. Keyword research tools are available for this purpose. Also, get services and get the best packages and group buy SEO tools from

Link Building Services:

 The internet is a marvelous place to find quality link-building services. There are dozens of reputable companies offering this service, from which to choose. These include firms like Yahoo!, Rubix and Site Rubix. However, before you sign up, take a look at the provider's portfolio. If they've never done SEO before, be wary; these are mostly just fly-by-night operations with little effort to back up their claims.

Press Releases:

Of course, we all know that press releases are great for PR and advertising. But did you know they can be useful for SEO? In particular, they can be very helpful when it comes to showing off the benefits of your product or service to a wide audience. Search engines love them, as do journalists. So, if you want to get noticed by all the major publications, write up a press release for your site, including a link to your homepage and an explanation of why your product or service is the best in the market (or the world, for that matter).

These services are only a few of the available options. And while some are obviously more lucrative than others, it's important to remember that SEO is still a rather new field, and there's no shortage of potential problems. So it's always important to keep your wits about you, and to use common sense: if something sounds too good to be true - it probably is. A bit of due diligence goes a long way in making sure that you don't lose out on money or your reputation in an attempt to launch the most effective SEO campaign possible.

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