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What Makes Your Computer Run Slow

Imagine you are in the middle of completing a file and running out of time and all of a sudden, your computer freezes or it starts working slowly? Must not be feeling good seeing that happening, Right? You do not really have to worry for your computer’s performance since there are lots of IT services around you to just contact or visit in person. You can also get in touch with many small business IT services who monitor and examine the reasons for slow performance and know very well how to speed up computers. There are numerous reasons why computers go slow while operating. Some of them might be due to your own lack of care or laziness and some of them might be just because you do not possess much knowledge about computers. However, to help you with finding out these reasons, we have come up with an informative write up for you. After giving it a good read, chances for your computer slowing down will surely decrease.

Following are the reasons that might be affecting the performance and speed of your computer.

Running Apps and Programs:

This is the very common reason for any computer system or even a mobile too. Some of the applications and programs installed function automatically. They do not only start automatically but also keep running in the background and draining the battery. And this is how performance and speed of the system both are negatively affected. Skype is a perfect example of such applications. The moment you start your computer, unwillingly it just appears on the screen and logs you in even when you do not need to.


When the hard disk drive of your computer has a large amount of data stored, it creates a difficulty for your computer to operate effectively and efficiently. Lack of enough storage becomes a hindrance in the way of operating systems to create temporary files and swapping the files. To perform well, the operating systems require at least 500 MS’s of free storage.

Virus or Malware:

Recurrent issues that computers have to face is getting affected with the virus or malware decreasing the performance of the browser and the drive. It generally happens more often when you do not have installed an ad blocker in your web browser or an antivirus in the computer for at least a weekly scan to fix little issues on a regular basis.

Old Computer:

Sounds odd? But that is what the truth is. Older the computer you have, the higher the risk of running slow. That is because it is very essential for computers to use the latest technology which many old systems do not support and eventually out of date systems cannot work at their best.

Redundant Softwares:

Often you purchase or download a software that you might never need or you do not need it any longer but it still stays within your computer. Such softwares automatically keeps updating itself and not only becomes a security concern because of privacy policy but also strikes on your computer without you realising that.

Spinning Drives:

Believe it or not, but this fact cannot be denied that if your computer has a spinning hard disk drive, it is time for you to get it changed now. Because you are just helpless at this.


Sometimes you just leave your system behind with a number of programs running and next time you come back to work, it is not working fast. The possible reason can you don’t often reboot it which is a requisite

Using Public Wifi:

If you often visit a nearby cafe or travel alot and use your computer with a public internet connection, it might be one of the reasons your computer is not working at its best. There are numerous risks associated with the use of public wifi because security of such networks is questionable.

Using Power Saver Mode:

You prefer turning on the power saver mode while being out of station or running out of battery. And practicing enough of this leads towards the decreased performance of your computer.

Dusty from Inside:

Wondering what it has to do with the speed of my computer? Dust restricts airflow or air to reach the CPU or fan and eventually restricts the heat outflow by the fan out of the computer system. When the inner parts get steamy hot they reduce the performance of the computers.

Overloaded Browser:

It’s not always your computer itself creating hindrances to work fast but your own lack of attention as well. Too many windows and tabs open with several web pages spontaneously make your computer go slow and sometimes freeze the screen.


Now when you have gone through the possible reasons for computers running slow, a bit of attention will do wonders and enhance your computer speed and performance.

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