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What materials are generally used to make Jewelry?

Jewelry is a great gift for any occasion. You will please yourself, family members, friends and colleagues. We will advise you on hat to focus on when choosing so that the joy of the jewelry can be as great as possible.

Materials used in the manufacture of jewelry


Gold jewelry is very popular across all generations and investing in it is also an investment in the future. Gold has always symbolized luxury, beauty, wealth and good taste. It has long been considered a unique precious metal, which has always been a symbol of luxury, beauty and selected taste. This valuable material is made of an alloy of pure gold with other metals, such as silver, copper and zinc, thanks to which it then acquires an unmistakable golden color and the necessary resistance. In addition, gold jewelry does not age, it always retains its luster and is inherited across generations. It does not cause its metal allergies to its wearers.

This metal is a hard metal from which we can make very thin pieces like very fine gold leaves. Since gold is one of the metals with high electrical conductivity, it is useful in making circuits in the electronics industry. However, due to the high cost of gold, items with plated gold have become an option for gold items.


Silver alloys are a widely used material in jewelry, mainly due to their chemical and mechanical stability and ability to reflect light. Silver earrings or a silver chain will fine-tune the outfit of every young lady and will surely please even ladies of the sports type. The surface of silver jewelry is usually rhodium-plated, so it perfectly resists corrosion and other adverse effects. Rhodium is a more valuable metal than gold and silver and is used as a surface layer of jewelry, which thus acquires not only a higher luster but also resistance to external conditions. In addition, rhodium-plated silver does not turn black, does not turn yellow, and the jewelry lasts as long as new. 

Silver is known as the best metal for making jewelry but one downfall is that it starts to turn blank with the passage of time.

Artificial Jewelry metal

Artificial Jewelry metal is an alloy mainly of copper and zinc. It is a cheaper material, so jewelry made from it has a significantly lower price, and is therefore available to everyone. Jewelery metal is galvanized with other metals and tuned to various color shades. Its big disadvantage is that it can cause allergic reactions in more sensitive individuals. However, a layer of rhodium that is hypoallergenic can solve this problem. However, jewelry is very widespread and popular, and tasteful pieces with their ability to fine-tune the perfect look of a woman can match even expensive jewelry. With the help of technology, you can buy artificial necklace set online.

Surgical steel

Surgical steel is very popular in jewelry mainly due to its advantageous properties, which surpass other metals. It excels especially in high hardness and strength, color stability and resistance to mechanical damage and corrosion. In addition, it is characterized by a hypoallergenic composition, therefore. This means that it does not react with the skin and does not cause any allergic reactions, so it is an ideal solution for individuals allergic to other metals. Therefore, some mothers also choose children's earrings made of surgical steel rather than gold. Steel jewelry is also supplied with any color shade using PVD technology, which also covers them with a dazzling shine. Imitation Necklace set online made with surgical steel in gold plated looks like original. The result is a beautiful gem with a surprisingly long life.

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