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What not to do when planning Bucks Party

The bucks party is undoubtedly one of the most exciting activities you can enjoy with a group of “boys.” In the couple of hours that you get together, there is an expectation of unmatched good feeling, even though the focus is on the buck, the one man you are seeing off to a new lease of life.

Planning such an event sounds easy, doesn’t it? However, when you focus on the kind of activities you can all get into, your choices shrink. You have to put into consideration several factors, specifically to ensure that each participant gets as much fun. This article will focus on specific things you MUST NOT do when planning a backs party. Let’s get started.

Don’t forget a great meal for the team.

Great meals have a way of making great times even more memorable, which matters a great deal. As you plan for the bucks party, don’t set aside all the budget for fun activities and venues and sacrifice a great meal. Get enough good food for the team. You can spread it throughout the night so that you have something to bite every couple of hours. This will keep the energy up and reduce the effects of hard drinks and general fatigue.

A bucks party is a “last supper” of sorts, and it’s only fair that the meals create a lasting impression. This also makes the bond even bolder.

Don’t choose Paintballing or other hurting play.

Paintballing is fun, but don’t include it for a bucks party. The reason is simple; the game increases your chances of getting bruised and swollen parts. This wouldn’t be the best look for the groom when he turns up for his own wedding.

Since the focus is on him, he will certainly be everyone’s target during the party, therefore receiving all the brunt end of the game. Avoid it, and instead, choose a more fun-filled activity.

Don’t fail to choose a suitable location.          

You can’t afford to have a random idea without being concrete about the venue. In your planning, you may just think all of you will hop from one club or one house to the other, but that would fall in the bracket of poor planning.

Choosing a suitable location puts into consideration the needs of all participants, and in particular, the groom-to-be. For instance, the location ought to be close enough for the buck to get ready in good time. In other words, it shouldn’t interfere with the following day’s plans

Don’t Go to a Casino or set an unaffordable budget.

Casinos look up to quick spenders to make their cash. Going into a casino for your bucks party becomes the fastest way to deplete your budget. Although this is primarily a matter of the budget versus available resources, you can choose more pocket-friendly activities or organize gambling activities amongst yourselves.

The point here really is that your budget and spending should be reasonable. Bucks party packages Brisbane area and beyond must be considerate of the needs of all participants. Don’t set unrealistic prices and out of reach for most of the team members.

Don’t let social media ruin the fun.

For all the good reasons, avoid social media as part of your bucks party. If social media has to be in the picture, let the team agree on what’s to be posted and what’s to be left out. Quite often, activities for a bucks party may involve embarrassing moments. The internet never forgets and is sometimes very unforgiving. When is done and the dishes cleaned, you might have a hard time explaining some of the activities to the gaping world. 

Besides, if you went to a party and everyone gets busy with their gadgets, it will become more tasteless. Unless your smartphones are a necessary part of the party, they would better be used limitedly, as much as possible.

Don’t Be Chaotic

In as much as it’s an all-boys day/night out, it doesn’t have to be noisy, messy, and chaotic. Most importantly, you want to engage in activities that are lawful and where everyone will wake to the big day in good shape. In planning the bucks party choose the fun wisely. If your activities need any legal permits, ensure that you collect them. In case of a house party, keep the noise within acceptable levels in that particular neighborhood. Bear in mind that it’s supposed to be fun and not a painstaking.

Don't invite anyone the groom wouldn’t approve.

It’s not really supposed to be a reconciliatory party, although it would do no harm if it was. However, keep the interests of the main man in check. Don’t bring to the party an individual he wouldn’t be comfortable with.


The ultimate fun of a buck’s party can be achieved through meticulous planning. Think through all the activities, the budget, and what’s really interesting for all teammates. Importantly, keep the day-after in mind. Each team member probably has a role to play and you need to wake up energetic and sober.

Sagar Mandan
Sagar Mandan
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