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What options are offered by Six Sigma Certifications?

The six sigma methodology has spread throughout the corporate world like wildfire. Most businesses and organizations have eagerly adopted it and are deriving many benefits as a result. The businesses and organizations who adopt the six sigma methodology find that they start to flourish almost immediately.

The glories of the six sigma methodology are too numerous to list easily. It provides the tools, techniques, and formulae which team leaders and project managers around the world can use to bring their projects to successful completion.

So there is a requirement for getting six sigma certifications as these certifications are delivered by seasoned and experienced instructors who are six sigma professionals themselves. Under their guidance, the learners can develop a basic competence with the core concepts and topics of the six sigma methodology.

The instructors of the six sigma certifications will teach them all about the six sigma methodology with the help of real-world examples, case studies, and even capstone projects. The learners will be able to gain very valuable practical and hands-on experience which they will be able to apply in their real-world careers too.

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Which career options are available with six sigma certifications?

1. Lean Six Sigma Consultant -

The six sigma methodology is not a simple or straightforward methodology. It is a very complex methodology with many nooks and crannies and many pitfalls for the unwary beginner. It has many subtle nuances which make it very hard to implement in a business or an organization. These subtle nuances are discussed in Six Sigma green belt certification training.

So the management staff of businesses and organizations often take help from a lean six sigma consultant who guides and advises them directly on how to implement and execute the six sigma methodology in their business or organization.

2. Lead Manufacturing Engineer -

The six sigma methodology has been created specifically to make the business processes of the manufacturing industry smoother, more efficient, and more effective. So it is very common to find the six sigma methodology being used in the manufacturing industry, especially in manufacturing units like factories, power plants, and supply chain units.

The management staff of all these places usually take help from a lead manufacturing engineer to set up their manufacturing processes. The lead manufacturing engineer has a lot of on-the-ground experience in creating and maintaining manufacturing processes in manufacturing units. To learn more about manufacturing processes, one can take Six Sigma green belt certification training.

3. Process Development Engineer -

The first step in creating any product is to plan and create the design of the product. Once the product has been designed to the management staff’s satisfaction, they can start to bring that product into reality. To do that they will have to set up manufacturing units. One can learn more about the process of creating a product by taking Six Sigma green belt certification training.

Once those manufacturing units have been set up, they will have to design and create the manufacturing processes according to which the unit will operate. In order to do that, they will have to take the help of a process development engineer who will be able to guide them on how to set up the manufacturing processes in the manufacturing unit.

4. Compliance Structural Engineer -

Any manufacturing unit must be constructed in accordance with some standards and regulations which the regulatory authorities or regulatory agencies of the area have issued. If that is not done the manufacturing unit and the company which has created it will be liable to a lawsuit.

In order to comply with the manufacturing standards of the area, the management staff of the businesses and organizations usually take the help of a compliance structural engineer. The Six Sigma green belt certification training talks about the various manufacturing standards.

5. Reliability Engineer -

It takes a lot of resources to build and set up a manufacturing unit. It takes time, energy, money, and a lot of other investments. To make sure that the manufacturing unit stays strong and functions properly over time without falling into disarray or without running into any technical problems, the management staff of the company usually take the help of a reliability engineer.

6. Operating System Specialist -

A manufacturing unit usually has to be equipped with very advanced and sophisticated technology. In order to operate this technology, the business or organization has to arrange for a specially designed operating system which has been customized for the specific needs of the manufacturing unit.

For this purpose the company requires an operating systems specialist. In order to learn how to design operating systems one should take Six Sigma green belt certification training.

7. Warehouse Operations Manager -

The product the company wants to launch has to be produced or manufactured in the manufacturing units. But after being manufactured, the product may not enter the market immediately. Or it may enter the market but may not be purchased by the potential customers immediately.

In the meantime, the product has to be stored in a warehouse. This includes labelling the product, maintaining a record of the number of products stored in the warehouse, seeing to the upkeep of the product or how it is being stored and maintained. Whether it is kept in a neat and clean place which is dry and free of any viruses or bacteria and other such considerations.

In order to ensure that all of these things are taken care of, the management staff of the company has to consult with a warehouse operations manager. The functioning and operations of warehouses are discussed in the Six Sigma green belt certification training.


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