What Pets Brings Into Our Homes And Leave On Our Carpets?

What Pets Brings Into Our Homes And Leave On Our Carpets

We all love to have a home which is not only clean but looks aesthetically perfect. However, it is not possible at all the times when you are having pets, children and frequent guests coming to your place. Though you can follow a cleaning schedule in routine by vacuuming the entire house for ensuring clean and healthy environment specifically those carpet and area rugs, still, you can easily miss a lot of other things which your pet is bringing to your home making the entire environment more infectious to health. However, we all love to have pets but it is necessary that we should try to get a little more careful with our cleaning techniques to make our house a more healthy place to live in. for the next few minutes, we will be talking about all the stuff which a pet may bring at home and leave on carpet, rugs, furniture and even your bed.

Dogs are the most common type of pets people love to have at home due to their honesty and love for the owner but you would be surprised to find that a dog has around 20 species of bacterias in their mouth. So, when you are looking at your cute friends slobbering around the home, there are actually a large number of bacterias which they are spreading around the home. Secondly, there are 20 million bacterias in 1 gram of pet waste either it is urine or excreta. These bacterias keep on moving around your carpet and area rug even after you are done with washing the place. At such times, only the expert Carpet Cleaning DC can help you get rid of them using perfect disinfectants and chemicals for entire cleaning of the carpet, rug, and upholstery.

Some of the other elements which your pet is bringing in your home include dander and dirt. There are actually 30 million people in America who are suffering from allergies to pet danders. Therefore, even if you are putting all the effort in vacuuming your home, you are still leaving a vast number of allergens around the place. Also, when your carpet and rugs are capable of accumulating around 1 pound of dirt per square feet of area, it is of no surprise that you are giving shelter to multiple types of bacteria at your home. So if you are just relying on your detergent or vacuum cleaner for getting rid of bacterias, it is not at all a good idea. At such times, you need to get experts who can help with perfect treatment for your area rug and carpets bringing back newness and giving security of health with the better environment around your house.

Last but not the least, the pet feces and urine on your favorite carpet not only make it unhygienic to live around the place but also leaves tough to remove stains. Though you can try to blot the area and use some vinegar or tricks or web to get the stain away only an expert Carpet Stain Removal in DC can be beneficial at that time. The cleaning team of experts has the entire equipment and product which can be used for making the fibers look alive. We know that your pets are cute and lovely to have around, but there is nothing more important than your hygiene. So, you can always try to keep your little friend clean and leave the carpet and rug cleaning job for the expert care.

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