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What Rewards Do You Get From FUT Draft?

Every year in FIFA, the FIFA Ultimate Team turns out to be a normal game mode. It is a game that gives rewards to players, depending on their level of winning. The good thing about it is that you can either play online or offline, which is convenient when you do not have internet. You are not limited to the people you compete with since there are other players from across the world. Moreover, by learning how to build a great squad, you increase your chances of earning rewards.

Draft Mode

For someone to get rewards, they have to participate in the FUT Draft or Draft Mode. There are four-match series that you can play either online or offline. To get into the competition, one has to use FUT Draft Token to unlock it, 300 FIFA Points, or even 15,000 coins.

The draft ends when you lose a match but keeps you going as long as you win. When you complete the four games, you will have to get another FUT Draft Token to activate a new game.

FIFA Draft Rewards

Playing in the tournament rewards you randomly, and by learning how to play the game correctly, you will be earning as much as you can. As you proceed in the knockout tournament, the level of rewards improves. It means that the larger the scale, the better the rewards. If a player is defeated at a certain level, they cannot proceed with the tournament, and they will need another draft token to start all over again.

Draft Tokens as Rewards

The squad that is built at the beginning of the match is used throughout the tournament. With every token you have, it gives you access to a Draft Tournament. To get draft tokens in packs in the form of rewards, you can purchase more by using FIFA points or in-game coins. For Single Player, you will use 150 FIFA points or 7.5k coins to buy one Draft token, while for online players, you use 300 FIFA points or 15k coins.

Rewards for Zero Wins

Even with zero wins, you still get rewarded, although not as much. There are the essential silver or gold packs that you get. One thing you need to save in mind is that there is no specific reward you get as they are random. Sometimes, you can get Draft token Packs even with zero wins and thus gives you access to another FIFA Draft. It means you can start another Draft without spending your coins or points.

Random Rewards

As you play the game and progress, you will notice that rewards are random. You can get better packs for one win than for two wins. Rewards become better with more wins, and it is even better when you win them in a row.

Lucky Packs

If you are blessed enough, you could get a pack that consists of famous and critical players in the game. For example, you could open a pack and find Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the best players. It is a reward that every gamer looks forward to getting it. There are many other high-rated players that you could get from the Draft Mode.

Win All the Games

There are a total of 4 games, and they are the maximum that you can play in. Players are rewarded handsomely with Jumbo, Mega, 25k, or more coins or Premium Gold Packs. If you win at this level, you will get the best rewards according to FIFA rules.

When the Tournament Is Over

Some game lovers ask whether you keep all the players in your squad after you have finished or lost the tournament. The answer is no because you eventually lose them. However, the coins and packs you get as rewards you can keep them.

The Difference Between Online and Offline Rewards

There are other draft teams across the world that you can play against during the game. You can play this favorite game, either offline or online, but the latter has better rewards. Despite it being better and fun to play online, it can be quite intense. The reason is that opponents are more complicated since they compete with draft squads. Despite it being tough, it is entertaining and fun.

Final Thoughts!

There are different combinations of rewards when playing FIFA FUT Draft mode. The more you win, the more you find different combinations. It is important to mark that there is no particular way that these rewards are calculated since they tend to be random.

If you don't lose the matches that lead to elimination, there is a reward for you, and the combination could be a surprise. Winning all the four games gives you the best of prizes. If you lose or you win the four matches, you must have a Draft Token to participate in another Draft. Are you looking for extra coins to enjoy the game? Visit here to get them.

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