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What safety Aspects to Take Care of while Shopping for Baby furniture?

The baby of an infant is not matured yet. Hence, small things can injure them badly.

Did you know one out of ten one-year-old infants treated for injuries are due to nursery products?

Keeping this in mind, there are many safety rules and regulation imposed in manufacturing the baby furniture. Also, it is every parent’s duty to focus more on safety aspect before considering anything in their nursery décor ideas.

This article will help you to know what all safety aspects to consider in your nursery furniture.

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  1. Baby Cots

Though most designers take care of safety standards, there are many new products appear in the market which might not meet safety standards. To make sure it meets the legal requirement, consider the following:

  • The bars should be spaced between 50 mm and 95 mm.
  • From the base of the mattress to the top of the cot, the minimum depth should be of 600 mm.
  • The space between cot sides and mattress should be less than 20 mm.
  • There shouldn’t be any small hole or opening that could trap your child’s fingers.
  • The cot should be placed somewhere safe.
  • Prams and strollers

Injuries related to use of a pram or strollers are very common and most of them happen by children falling out of the pram.

  • Prams and strollers should consist of a tether strap to help in good control of it.
  • A parking brake to park when the pram or stroller is stationary.
  • To prevent falls, there should be a restraint harness.
  • It should have safe-use warning labels and to prevent entrapment.
  • High chairs

A high chair is suitable for over six to eight months of baby and can be used until the child is 3 years old. While buying one, you need to consider the following:

  • A stable design that does not move or rock easily by the child.
  • Put your baby in the five-point body harness to prevent falls.
  • A simple design that is easy to clean.
  • Change tables

Changing table provides a space for you to comfortably change your baby’s clothes. However, you need to supervise and be careful while your baby is on the table. Also, consider the following things before getting one:

  • The table should have a child safety harness and raised edges.
  • Change tables should have ends and sides that are raised at least 100 mm, with smooth edges.
  • There should be no holes or gaps that could trap your baby’s fingers or toes.
  • Playpens

It is used to keep children in a smaller space for a short period when you are busy in some work. So, while buying one, keep the following things in mind:

  • It should be sturdy so that it doesn’t lose balance when children are trying to stand.
  • There should be latches on all folding parts that lock securely and cannot be undone by your baby.
  • Do not consider a portable cot as a playpen.
  • Its height should be at least half a metre.
  • The bars should be spaced between 50 and 95 mm apart.
  • Baby walkers

It is not safe to use baby walkers. It can cause head injuries or other serious injuries in case their baby walker gets tips over or falls down stairs. It is now banned in some countries. It can actually interfere with the normal development of the baby thereby losing its main purpose to make the baby learn how to walk. It can get easily overbalanced and the babies are not mindful of it. Hence, it is advisable to avoid such baby furniture.

Summing up

The above-mentioned points will help you consider all the safety aspects before buying nursery furniture. Yet, you need to supervise your child in its every activity. Also, consider light and soothing colour theme for your baby’s room which will help them feel relax and welcoming.

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