What Should A Good Lubricant Have To Deliver The Best?


Not all lubricants available in the market are top-quality products. Even if you might find the best product in the market, it may not be the most suitable for your specific machinery and use case. When Should You Change Your Lubricant Brand? To ensure that the lubricant you select meets your requirement, you need to look at some of the key factors before buying one. 

The Reliable Brand Name


When selecting the lubricant for your industrial machinery, you must always go for the most reliable, well-reputed, and famous brand name. The reason is that older brands guarantee you the quality every time you buy them. They have decades and centuries of reputation which they can’t afford to ruin.


Buying from the best brand available in the market eradicates all the chances of buying a low-quality product. It may hamper the productivity and performance of your machinery and consequent growth of your business.  

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The Right Viscosity


Different machines require lubricants to have different viscosity. You need to select a suitable lubricant for the thickness and stickiness of your lube. You can’t achieve the desired results with inappropriate viscosity. 


You need to know what kind of lubricant you need to achieve the best results and not compromise. The best lubricant for you is the one that has the correct viscosity so that it performs the desired purpose successfully. 


Accurate Quantity In The Packing


A quality lubricant needs to have the right quantity in the packing, as mentioned on the label. When you buy from a good brand, you will get everything right in quantity and quality. There are no chances of any malfunctioning from the filling machinery that might result in an inaccurate measurement. The lubricant brands practice strict quality and quantity controls.  


There can be other incidents where you might not be sure which quantity to select from your machinery. You need to be sure how many liters you need to have in your machine and buy accordingly.


The quantity of lubricant needs to be accurate in the machinery. An excessive quantity is harmful to the machinery as it blocks the lubricant flow and may cause the machine to slow down. Similarly, less quantity causes more friction and damage to the machine.  

Suitable Lifespan


The most suitable lubricant has enough lifespan to offer you ample time to buy, store and finally dispense it to the machinery. It may not be safe to buy the lubricant that is about to pass its expiry date. It might be available at a lower price but will not be of any use to your machine. 


Having enough life in it means the lubricant will keep on performing at its best and will help you yield the results you expect from the quality lubricant. Especially with the lockdowns and affected business continuity these days, you might not be hundred percent sure when you will put the lubricant in the machine after buying. It is, therefore, crucial to have enough time and life left in the lubricant when you buy it.   


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Suitable Working Conditions

Another vital role for a lubricant is its capability to work in the given working conditions, the temperature, speed, and intensity at which a machine operates and the type of manufacturing or processing it does. 


The lubricant you select must be explicitly designed for the particular conditions your business provides to a lubricant. When buying the lubricant for your specific machine, you must consider the conditions it will deal with.   


When you buy from the most trusted and experienced industrial lubricants provider near you, you get a wide range of products and expert staff. It helps you make the best choice and achieve the desired results.