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What Should I Do Once I Come Back From Umrah?

Umrah is a minor pilgrimage that gives spiritual fulfillment, blessings, and rewards. It is thought to be the most peaceful and holiest path to Jannah (heaven). Although the Umrah journey is difficult, retaining purity and piety in daily life after Umrah necessitates a great deal of discipline and devotion. During Umrah, one is free from all duties to family, employment, and home life. It's a pilgrimage to a world's free of negativity and evil place, where everybody is focused on Allah's worship. There are no disturbances or leisure activities at this precious and spiritual spot, and a pilgrim's main objective is to do this act of dedication to the best of his or her ability and humbly ask Allah Almighty for blessings and forgiveness. But, when they come back home, they are again drawn back into a world of duties, challenges, evil, misdeeds, and laziness.

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Despite the fact that the Umrah journey is full of productivity, devotion, and wonderful rewards, all of the efforts and time invested in Makkah can be harder to maintain after one returns home. Establishing and maintaining a high level of spirituality in the face of adversity is difficult, but not impossible.

Best Ways To A Righteous Life After Umrah

There are five easy things you can do to guide yourself onto the path of righteousness and spiritual growth if you do them regularly and diligently.

Keep Your Strong Connection With Allah Almighty:

During the sacred journey, pilgrims must follow a number of guidelines about personal and social behavior. After Umrah, adopting them into your everyday life will help you keep your strong connection with Allah Almighty. Be patient and polite at all times, maintain your complete trust in Allah, and avoid speaking ill to others, injuring them, swearing, and so on.

In All You Do, Must Remember Allah:

When you come back from your pilgrimage, you will frequently reflect on your experiences in Makkah, the holiest city. It is true that the mentions (Dhikr) of Allah decrease as time passes. However, being grateful to Allah Almighty and also remembering him, should not be a passing phase. Make it a point to thank Allah for your blessings and to remember Him in whatever you do.

Adopt Excellent Habits And Behavior:

Umrah highlights how adopting excellent habits or behavior can improve one's life. It allows pilgrims to make changes in their lives and the way they live. Umrah's performance is not only a spiritual experience, but it also emphasizes the importance of good habits and behavior in the everyday life of all Muslims. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt good habits and behavior while also continuing them with pure intention & diligence even after returning from Umrah.

After Umrah, Make Prayer A Part Of Your Everyday Life:

The majority of pilgrims are unable to continue their prayer habit once they come back home. Maintaining Your prayers is the only way to reach Jannah. It will also assist you in dealing with everyday concerns and encourage punctuality and obedience in every matter. After coming back from Umrah, it becomes a duty to offer all your prayers timely and to encourage your friends, family, and neighbors to do so as well. As Allah chose you to complete the holy pilgrimage of Umrah, He has entrusted you with the responsibility of teaching others about His religion and beliefs; it is a pilgrim's foremost duty to fulfill it.

Always Care And Assist Others:

The grand Ibadah (worship) explains to Muslims what life, people, and relationships are all about. When a Muslim comes back from Umrah, he or she should be as mindful of others' lives as he or she was in Makkah. Maintaining this great habit will enrich their lives and assist them in keeping positive relationships with everyone. Surround yourself with excellent deeds to reap the great Umrah blessings and rewards.

Final Thoughts:

Pilgrims abandon their daily routines, as well as any materialistic desires, in order to focus on becoming near Allah Almighty and gaining Allah's pleasure during Umrah. Their priorities move to broader concerns. However, once they come back from Umrah, their routine shifts back to materialistic worries. A pilgrim must strive to be as similar to himself as he was in Makkah. After Umrah, one can sustain the feeling and spirit of righteousness by assisting others, staying in contact with Allah Almighty through prayers, and participating in charitable activities.

Traveling to Makkah is a life-changing experience; if a person wants to reform himself and become a righteous and faithful Muslim, he should implement whatever he gets to know during his stay in Makkah. A pilgrim must strive to be as similar to himself as he was in Makkah. After Umrah, one can sustain the feeling and spirit of righteousness by assisting others, staying in contact with Allah Almighty through prayers, and participating in charitable activities.

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