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What Should I do When I Experience Anxiety and Stress?

Although Anxiety and Stress referred to as the same thing due to the fact that both of these have almost the same symptoms. But there is a prominent difference between the two terms. “Stress” is a call or pressure on your brain or body, which makes you nervous and frustrated. While “Anxiety” is a feeling where a person feels fear, irritation and even lack of concentration. In other words, anxiety is simply a response of your brain against stress. 

The symptoms of Stress and Anxiety are almost the same, which sometimes make it difficult to understand what is the actual feeling. Such as a person experience sleeplessness, stomachache, loss of consciousness or concentration, headache, dizziness and many others. But what actually causes stress and anxiety is when multiple demands combined and apply a pressure on your brain to perform a specific task. 

Besides this, there are various types of anxiety depending on various factors. However, in such conditions seeking help is more important. Talking to someone or getting online help both ways can help to cope with Anxiety and Stress in a perfect manner. 

Nowadays, managing stress and anxiety is much easier especially with the help of online therapies for stress. It has become easier to deal with stress and anxiety in such a great manner. 

Prominent Causes of Anxiety and Stress

  • Quitting a Job to Start a New Job
  • Moving to a New Place
  • Illness or Injury
  •  Leaving a Close Friend or Family Member 
  • Death of someone you are attached with 

These might become some of the few reasons that usually people experience. These reasons can result in anxiety or stress. Besides this, few disorders that play a role as well for anxiety and stress are: 

  1. Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

It is quite obvious from the name that it is the most general type of disorder that becomes a reason for stress and anxiety. The majority of people experience this type of anxiety disorder, which can lead to nervousness and stress. People experiencing such anxiety disorder usually have no control over their stress and anxiety attack. Sometimes they do not even know the exact reason for their worry and nervousness. 

  1. Panic Disorder 

Moving a step forward from general disorder here comes a condition where stress and anxiety lead to an extreme level. In panic disorder, a person experiences extreme fear and stress that he lost control of the heartbeat rate. If not treated properly can lead to severe problems. 

  1. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

In PTSD a person experiences anxiety and stress of something bad that has been happened in the past. In such a condition a person keeps thinking from time to time about that bad experience, which makes him irritated and nervous. 

  1. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder 

In this type of disorder, a person keeps thinking about something that causes his mind and body stressed out. 

  1. Social Anxiety 

The social anxiety disorders can be even worse and, in such conditions, a person experiences anxiety attacks while appearing in public. Whenever he interacts with people, he experiences a state of fear and stress. 

How to Deal with Anxiety and Stress? 

Managing Anxiety and Stress is not easy and a person cannot deal with it all alone. At some point, he needs help from others whether it is through talking to someone. Even taking online help can also be helpful. Finding an online therapy is something best and really helpful because there are so many benefits of getting online help for stress and anxiety.

It will be such a great help for a person to get rid of stress and anxiety at the early stages. By taking a personal online therapy for stress and anxiety is something extremely good. As it saves a lot of time and offers flexible treatment timing. 

Besides this, depending on the client’s requirements and desire it offers individualized treatments. The best part about such services is that it will not leak any personal or sensitive information. On the other hand, offers a secure and a good connection with a licensed psychologist. The highly experienced therapists offer various treatment options to the clients according to the requirement of their treatment. 

As well as online therapy is good for people who avoid meeting and interacting with new people. Thus, it proves to be a great way to manage stress and anxiety. 


Experiencing stress and anxiety is one of the worst feeling that makes a person feel sick. There might be various causes of stress and anxiety. But dealing with it at the early stages is a great help. For this purpose, there are various treatment option but online therapy is best of all. It offers various advantages to a person with flexible timing adjustment and an easy approach to a licensed therapist. 

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