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What should know about the Congress party election in Assam?

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As Assembly polls, Congress and All India United Democratic Front have joined together their hands to offer an alternative to the ruling of BJP in that state. Along with four political parties, they declared the formation of ‘Grand Alliance’. Were Indian National is byname as congress party election that is considered as one of the major political party in India. They are opposition to the ruling of the Bharatiya Janata Party. They were determined as a millenarian party with a continued and modern orientation. They will have to be chosen President by June 2021. The parliament working committee on Friday approved the holding of internal canvas after the congress vote. 


The central Election authority met on Tuesday to extensive the formalities of allotment to report together with the members come with the congress working committee. The parties’ heads KC Venugopal and Randeep Surjewala said elections to CWC will also endure that the schedule the details before and after the vote of congress leaders posts.


Why BJP introduced CAA?


CAA has launched for some reason right now, we discern that the time has come to meet up and protect the possibility of India. In Assam state, we have seen our language, culture, character go under assault through the risky CAA give out by the BJP. Our common weave has been pulling up by the troublesome powers. As a common public, we should battle for our popularity based, ordinary, and the only republic of India. We welcome individuals from everywhere to come to go along with us in the activity to save the country from a despotic government," said Bobbeeta Sharma, PCC's media office director. State BJP boss representative Rupam Goswami disclosed to The Telegraph that individuals realize whom to save Assam from. Individuals of Assam have become politically more cognizant today. They realize which gathering is beneficial for them. I might want to realize how wills the Congress save Assam from AIUDF Chief Badruddin Ajmal and the Miya detachment.


What is the consideration of the congress party election?


By charming part in elections, parties are better hoping to get affiliates and interpretative body. Preparation is being made for the election of the congress working committee. As reported by the source, all the state units have to submit the lists of AICC members. And the AICC members only vote to elect the CWC members. The party is also trying to determine the member of followers of leaders who are having protested against the party over the last few years or left the congress. 


This party is having certain rules that are the central election are submitted a note to interim party president Sonia Gandhi that they were ready for the ballot. Surely the Congress Party Election is a challenging one and makes engage voters as well. The attainments of this party are huge and very effective ones. They still were maintaining a strong relationship with all. In all curtained ways standing out right now. Surely, they gain the biggest achievement in the election.


In this contest, common people, congress workers, and leaders can also participate. The eligible criteria are, people who are under 18 age can’t participate in this, people who eligible to vote can participate in this Assam bachao video Contest. The special criteria they have created on this, Assamese who have lived abroad can also able to participate on this. People who are creating the best one will win the cash prizes and the iPhone right from the starting day of the contest. This information has been announced by the congress committee head Gaurav Gogoi. Those all things had launched by him at the Congress party headquarters. This contest will happen for the next 19 days of February 2021.

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