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What Should You Do When Your Spouse Start Spending Way Too Much?


Well, they say opposite attracts each other and maybe this was the very reason why you and your spouse got married, but sometimes being too different, especially when finance is concerned can even sour the strongest of relationships. You are taking the public transport to go to the office while your spouse is reaching the office in Mercedes. You enter the mall once or twice a month when there is a genuine need, while your spouse visit malls every second day to buy the newest thing in the market. Well, if this is also the same case with you, then it can be easily deduced that your spouse has an overspending habit that can make you broke if not controlled.

It is not going to be easy to deal with this internal finance draining issue. You can’t just be rude and show angry behaviour with your spouse, as this can make the situation even worse. You have to stay calm and try to handle things with patience, as in the end, it is your life partner on the other side whom you can take things politely.  Here, in this blog, we have mentioned some useful advice and suggestions that can help you get rid of this overspending issue from your spouse. So, let us get started. 

How to control your spouse’s overspending habits?

  1. Don’t be rude while approaching

There is no need to be rude and instead of criticising your spouse and counting her mistakes one by one, discuss the problem with sincerity and care. Remember, being harsh and showing ill-behaviour will create a huge gap between you two that would definitely be good for your relationship. Keep things in a lighter tone but at the same time in a convincing way as well. Explain how you had to go for a Loan without guarantor in order to pay for the debts of the credit cards. Communicating in the proper way always make things right no matter how bad the situation gets. Make your spouse understand how a financial burden on one partner will automatically affect the other.

2. Avoid comparing your spending with theirs

Yes, you are the one who is able to see how you two guys face financial problem in the future, but you can’t just comparing things directly. Doing this will result in a heated argument which will eventually take the shape of a blame game, where both of you might start accusing each other of the misuse of money. So, it is better that you don’t raise such kind of negative topic and bring something that is more rational and that can help your spouse understand how things can get ugly due to this kind of spending habits. There is no need to show yourself as the “good partner” and the other as the “careless” one.

3. Create an effective budget 

If you really want to ensure that there is nothing wrong in the future between you two because of financial matters, then prepare a budget and include all your expenses and savings as well. Most importantly, don’t just leave the budget in the diary, but strictly follow it as well. This will make sure that you guys don’t face any kind of financial crisis in the future. While preparing the budget, include your spouse as well because it’s their right to be involved in every financial matter, whether they are employed or not. As it is your spouse who has developed a bad spending habit, you can expect more in the expenses column, but at the same time prepare a budget that will help you two reach your financial goal. 

4. Handle things together

Lastly, if because of the careless spending of your spouse, you are under the burden of excessive debts, then you need to figure out an effective way. Instead of accusing your spouse, act maturely and deal with the issue in front of you effectively. There is a very thin chance that you could get a loan from a bank, so you should go for other alternatives. There are few reputed lenders in the UK like Credit Lender UK, New Horizon and others where you can get loans for bad credit with no guarantor and no fees at an instant decision.

Wrapping up, you cannot expect your spouse to change their spending habits overnight. It will surely take some time, but till then you have to stay calm and keep a healthy discussion with your spouse related to this matter.

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