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What Things Should You Inspect In Your Car Ahead Of Your Summer Escapade?

Road trips are all about long car rides, enjoying fascinating natural sights, activities and much more, providing a lot of flexibility and options. Road trips provide the ideal way to discover a destination and create unique experiences with your family and/ or friends. Nonetheless, planning is essential before you take the roads to make sure that your road trip goes as smoothly as is possible.

Well, a road trip is a test for your vehicle, so checking your car thoroughly is very important. Moreover, you don’t want to tackle a car breakdown while on a trip. That’s why it is vital to make sure that your vehicle is in sound working condition and is able to perform optimally.

Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned traveller, here is the safety checklist for an enjoyable journey. By following some easy checks, you can get the confidence that your vehicle is performing at its level best. When preparing your vehicle, you need to look into the following factors to make sure that no mechanical issues arise throughout your trip.

Here are the five things you need to look out in your car, right before you embark on your adventure summer trip.

1. Fluids

A complete check for all fluids in your car is very important, as your vehicle’s performance depends on them. So check out fluids like engine oil, engine coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid and transmission fluid. In case, you require topping up engine oil or engine coolant, choose the best quality only. In case, you’re not sure about the fluids, then it’s better to take your vehicle to the nearest certified independent service technician and if your vehicle is still in warranty, then take it to the concerned dealership service centre to examine and top up all the fluids in your vehicle. Summer can be quite harsh, so it’s important to maintain the right level for all the fluids in your car.

2. Tyres

Tyres are very important for the performance, fuel efficiency and safety of your car. Therefore, it is vital to check your car tyres before you hit the roads. It is vital to maintain the right pressure in your car tyres because inappropriate pressure can lead to tyre damage.

  • Over-inflated tyres can affect the vehicle’s handling on the road negatively.
  • Conversely, under-inflated tyres can lead to overheating.

If you’re not sure, refer to your vehicle’s owner manual or guide to check the maximum pressure. At all times, make sure never to exceed this maximum limit if you want to experience a smooth and safe drive.

Moreover, you may want to examine the tread to see whether they are exhausted. You’re more vulnerable to blowouts if you don’t have good treads. All tyres in Australia have an integral wear indicator, which is a raised bar in the main tyre groove. This bar’s top shows the point up to which you can permit the tyres to wear, after that, they are required to be changed/ replaced. If the tyre’s tread is below this bar, then the grip and handling will be negatively affected. If the treads aren’t sufficient, then ensure to invest in a new one.

When you are travelling on your road trip, the last thing that you want is to detect that you need a replacement new tyre and that your spare tyre is also flat. To avert any such condition, ensure that the spare tyre is in optimal condition and it should be appropriately inflated, and you should have all the required tools for changing the tyre.

3. Battery

If your car battery is 3.5 years old or more, then consider changing it with a new one before you commence with your road trip. If it has not reached this age, then perform an instant visual examination to eliminate the presence of any leaks, cracks or rust. In case you detect any of the above, it is recommended to change the battery.

4. Vehicle Accessory Belt

Inspect your car’s accessory belt to ensure that it’s not torn. Carefully observe to ascertain if there are any visible indicators of cracking or fraying. Alternatively, you can think about taking with you a replacement belt, just in case, if a problem surfaces during your adventure trip.

5. Wiper Blades & Lights

Wiper blades and lights are relatively smaller things, but they are important too. So check whether they are working correctly. Regular check-ups can help avert any mechanical issue from happening during your trip, which will definitely assist you to save time and make your road trip a really enjoyable experience.

A Final Word

Well, during the road trip, your car is actually going to work hard, thus, give it everything that it requires so that it keeps on operating smoothly. If you want a brand new set of tyres for your car, these days, you can even buy tyres online from reputed dealers.

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