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What to Ask Before Getting Professional Residential Landscaping in Jersey Village

Jersey Village is a small suburban city within Northwest Houston, with nearly 8,000 residents. The community is quiet and peaceful with rapidly growing real estate and commercial development. Besides being close to important Houston districts, Jersey Village has excellent community amenities and generous lot sizes. If you're moving into Jersey Village, one of the professionals you'd likely be hiring is residential landscaping professionals. 

A residential landscaping professional installs and maintains outdoor plants and other related elements on residential properties. The steps you take in employing a Jersey Village residential landscaping company depend on different factors such as your budget, timeline, and the size of the outdoor area. 

However, before hiring a residential landscaping service in Jersey Village, ensure that the professional has the requisite credentials, licensing, and insurance. It helps to verify all state-required documents, as applicable. Moreover, because policies can expire and may end, it may also help to confirm the organization's documents yourself. Here are some important things to note before hiring professional services for residential landscaping in Jersey Village.

Before Selecting a Landscaper

One of the best ways to choose a landscaping company—or any professional at that—is through referrals. If you have a real estate agent in Houston, TX, consider asking them to suggest a landscaper to you. Other than consulting friends, family, or a realtor for referrals, you might go online to search landscaping companies in or around the place. 

After going through the possible routes of finding a probable residential landscaping company, narrowing your search findings is the next step. Narrow your list of prospects to three top candidates, and ask each candidate the same questions. Following are some vital questions to ask a potential residential landscaping company in or around Jersey Village you're considering hiring.

What Credentials Does Your Company Have?

While Texas State doesn't require any license or exams for general landscaping, some other states require either or both before approving a landscaping services professional. However, Texas does ask professionals to obtain licensing and pass a test before applying pesticides on a lawn. The government only awards such licenses after the company or professional has demonstrated competencies in the landscaping field, including passing a test and possibly an insurance cover.

Such documents are necessary to ensure that innocent residents in Jersey Village don’t end up employing a quack or uncertified Jersey Village residential landscaping company. That's why you'd want to request from the prospective landscaping company ahead of time if they hold the appropriate licenses or certifications. If they can’t provide them, then it’s advisable you look elsewhere. You might want to consider making arrangements for a residential landscaping service while checking out properties for sale in Jersey Village to get started on your home's lawn once you buy your preferred home.

Who Are Your On-Field Staff Members?

Most—if not all—residential landscaping companies in Jersey Village have a team of workers that visit clients’ homes. It’d help to understand how the company screens these workers and how much it knows them. Does the landscaping company know the workers well enough, or do they barely know each other?

Suppose you’re seeking to buy homes for sale in Jersey Village, TX, and need to choose a proper landscaping firm to hire. It'd help to hire a Jersey Village residential landscaping firm that sends the same set of dependable workers to your home on each visit. The reasons for this are evident. The garden or outdoor area in front of your home is a private area. Workers who come around must be trustworthy and traceable.

How Long Have You Been Doing This?

Texas has the second-highest number of landscaping companies in the US, as of 2020 - 11, one firm behind California. That means there's a higher chance of variety in the competencies and experiences of your landscaper options. Before choosing a residential landscaping company, you want a firm with sufficient professional experience for the job. Here's why.

Less experienced firms might properly handle complex or uncommon problems as soon as they arise. More experienced firms will know how to improvise and initiate backup plans to help meet your overall aesthetic goals. The more their experience, the better prospects they offer. Additionally, it's advisable to check the firm's website to see their past works and see how they might relate to your new home.

How Do You Operate?

Here, you ask basic and vital questions about the operations of the company such as the extent of maintenance, the estimated project length, and their range of operations. For instance, ensure to define an overall yard maintenance plan with the landscaper, and confirm that the contract bears the plan before appending your signature.

Moreover, don't hesitate to ask questions about the company's policies on replacing dead plants. Ask carefully about what responsibilities are yours and which ones belong to the landscaping company. Also, make careful inquiries about the projected time for the project and inform them if you have any deadlines in that regard, such as an upcoming party or home sale.

Other questions to ask surrounding their scope of activities include whether they can install outdoor lighting. What's the general work schedule like for the workers, and who do you contact when there's a problem? If the company doesn't answer these questions on its own, you want to specifically ask them to clarify their operations in Jersey Village, before choosing to employ them.

Where Will You Source Your Vegetation?

It's also necessary to ask about where your prospective landscaper would get their plants, trees, and shrubs. Plants grown in your area are often preferable to outsourced vegetation. Why? First, plants grown in your area would likely cost less than imported species. Also, locally-grown plants are more likely to thrive in your yard.

Such plants have likely adjusted to the climatic conditions of Jersey Village, and wouldn’t be as susceptible to diseases and pests while growing in the yard. Lastly, plants that are familiar with the climate of your area would most likely require little maintenance. They won’t need as much attention or watering from the landscaping company’s crew, reducing the overall burden of beautifying your yard.


Jersey Village is a quiet suburb that combines the privileges of being near a global city, Houston, with the family-friendly ambiance and peace of a small town. A fast-growing area, the town is a welcoming suburb to new residents with its bustling social life, convenient business environment, and excellent school systems.

If you're seeking to move in here and expect to hire professional Jersey Village residential landscaping services, your best bet is to hire a landscaper that offers competent, licensed, and affordable services. Ask prospective landscapers the same questions to compare them side-by-side and make your informed decisions afterward.

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