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What to consider before buying an industrial pressure washer

consider before buying an industrial pressure washer

Cleaning outdoor surfaces, cars, decks charred grills, etc. is a tough proposition. Stubborn stains are challenging to get rid of with the conventional cleaning methods. So, the best way to tackle such a monumental task is to use an effective pressure washer.

A pressure washer is a device that pumps water under high pressure. This high-power water jet can easily strip away the grime or oil stains from most surfaces. It consists of three parts- a motor to drive the pump, a high-pressure hose and a trigger like a mechanism to control water flow.

It is essential to choose the right type of pressure washer to fit your needs. Commercial pressure washers are heavy duty and are much more potent than the ones meant for home use. They also run on different types of fuel like gas, diesel, or electricity.

Due to the numerous factors that have to be taken into consideration, choosing the right type of pressure washer can be sometimes daunting. These following points will help you determine the best pressure washer for you.

  1. Size

Size does matter! Bigger ones come in handy for industrial use. For home use, a smaller pressure washer will do. Larger ones also finish the job quicker and more efficiently.

  1. Life expectancy

The more expensive ones will last for a long time as they are more durable. Often, they cost lesser on the longer run. It is necessary to determine the hours of work it can do for the dollar spent.

  1. The ratings

You must understand the ratings like

  • Horse Power: it is directly related to the volume and the pressure that the pump can produce.
  • Pounds Per Square Inch (PSI): pressure helps to clean. The amount of force generated by the pressure washer is measured in pounds per square inch — the more the pressure, the better the cleaning.
  • Gallons Per Minute (GPM): The volume of water that the pressure washer produces is measured in gallons per minute.
  • Cleaning Power Unit (CPU): A pressure washer’s cleaning ability is measured in cleaning power unit. The higher the CPU, the more efficiently will the pressure washer clean.
  1. Pressure Washer Pumps

They are an essential component of your pressure washer. They pump water out through the nozzle at high pressure. Some of the less expensive ones have a low life expectancy. It essential to know the life expectancy of the pump before buying a pressure washer

  1. The Drive

The motor drives the pump. There are two ways a motor can connect to the pump, directly or through a belt. A direct drive pressure washer is more compact and less expensive to maintain. However, their life expectancy is low. The belt-drive ones last longer but require more maintenance. They are mostly used in industries.

  1. Gas or Electric?

Pressure washers that run on gas are heavy and have a low life expectancy. They are also noisy and emit fumes. Electric ones, while being less powerful are compact and last long. They are also quiet and non-polluting.

  1. Hoses and Nozzles

The hoses must be heavy duty and support a variety of nozzles. You must also ensure if the hose is of an adequate length. Nozzles are used for different cleaning tasks. They are also useful for regulating the flow of water. Smaller nozzles would mean a narrow jet of water at high pressure.

The above considerations will help you choose the right pressure washer for your needs. It is always recommended to go for a durable one even if more expensive. You can offset costs in the long run by using easy to make DIY pressure washer detergent soaps.

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